Connors Nursing Instructor Elected as OK Nursing Association Delegate


Connors State College Nursing Instructor, Angela Martindale was elected as Region 3 Delegate for the Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA). As such, Martindale represents the northeastern portion of Oklahoma at the state level on policies and changes within the Oklahoma Nurses Association.

“I believe it is a duty for registered nurses to participate in their nursing associations at the state and national level,” Martindale said. “I am fulfilling this duty as well as representing the nurses in this region at the state level. I feel that I can set an example for my students to not just be a nurse but to participate in the policy making of nursing.”

Martindale became involved with ONA when she was a sophomore nursing student at the University of Tulsa. She was elected into office of the TU Student Nurses Association as historian. When she was a Junior she was elected as president and encouraged to run for office at the state level of the student nurses association, known as the Oklahoma Nursing Student Association (ONSA). She then served as the president at the state level of ONSA for 2007-2008 school year. The ONA paid her first year of membership into ONA upon passing state boards of nursing as a benefit for serving as state president and she has continued that membership to date. She also currently serve as member of the nominating committee of ONA.

In addition to teaching first semester nursing students and serving at the state level, Martindale is working diligently to re-instate the Connors State College Student Nursing Association (CSCSNA).

“I hope to add Connors to the ONSA list of participating SNAs and maybe even have one of our students serve at the state level,” she said. “At Connors we believe it is not just important to graduate a nursing student with a degree in nursing but to graduate a nursing professional who knows and understands the impact they can make in their community and the means to make that happen.”