Connor T. Cowboy – Mascot. Motivator. Cowboy.

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Connor T. Cowboy – Mascot. Motivator. Cowboy.

Always picked last on the playground, Connor T. Cowboy, of Warner, Oklahoma, began sitting the games out.

“Being an energetic and cheerful person, I couldn’t just sit quiet and not root the other players on,” said Connor.

Connor would pick out his favorite team before the game would start and then began cheering profusely. Connor noticed the team he rooted for always won the game. He determined he must be a lucky charm.

Soon, the other children began taking notice and begging Connor to be their team’s fan. Connor started dressing up in different colors to represent the team he was going to root for.

“It was when I really got into character that I noticed the atmosphere among the people around me changing,” said Connor.

He quickly acquired the role of being the team’s number one supporter. Going into high school, Connor was offered the position to be the high school’s team mascot. Connor, loving the excitement he gets out of being a booster, decided this would be a great role to take on.

Connor then went on to represent Connors State College as himself, Connor T. Cowboy. At events he was able to dress to his liking in his chaps and a cowboy hat. Connor attends many events on and off campus representing Connors State College. Connor has even gone as far as saying he would dress up at the Warner Cow Chip Days, as the Cow Chip himself.

“That would be an interesting act to take on”, said Connor. “But I am always up for pleasing the crowd and boy would they get a kick out of that one.”

Connor is great at what he does. The fans, students, and even opponents enjoying coming to the games where there are positive vibes and great half time shows performed. Connor loves to break down and do a couple dance moves on the court, participate in the half time dunking contests, traveling with the teams to different games, but most of all he loves having the emblem CSC on his vest and throwing up his firing pistols.

Although Connor hasn’t been apart of the CSC family for long, he hopes to have a home here for as long as he lives rooting on his number one team, the Connors State Cowboys.