Joyce Johnson – Alumna. Teacher. Nurse.


Joyce Johnson – Alumna. Teacher. Nurse.

In 1990, Joyce Ann Johnson was a single mother of two precious girls and only making $90 a week. That all changed when Johnson decided she was not going to get any financial assistance from the state. That was when she decided she was going to go college, Connors State College to be exact.

“In my mind, at the time, that was the best and only way to become independent and self-sufficient,” said Johnson.

When Johnson decided to go to Connors State, she had help from a very special person, Beverly Wilcoxson. Wilcoxson, who currently serves as Connors’ veteran advisor, helped Johnson fill out her financial aid papers.

Johnson remembered, “She made sure to always call me by name when I came into her office and made sure that I understood how to utilize the monies received and not to take any more money than needed each semester.”

Johnson followed Wilcoxson’s advice and only took what she needed. Because she did, she had very little debt upon graduating from Connors State.

After graduation, Johnson went into the work force. Working at local hospitals as a registered nurse, Johnson was thankful she was able to successfully financially support her family.

During her time at Connors State, Johnson was inspired by one of her nursing instructors that she knew that she wanted to come back and make as big of an impact on her students as her instructor did on her.

Johnson was able to get an articulation agreement with Northeastern State University, which aided her in coming back to teach at Connors State.

Outside of being a teacher at Connors State, Johnson is a very active member of the Connors’ faculty. She is not only a division chairman for the Nursing program and an academic advisor to students pursuing a nursing degree, but she is also a chairman for the curriculum committee, and part of academic council.

When asked what her favorite thing about working at Connors State was, she said, “The students I serve and the people I work for and with.  Connors allows me as a faculty member to be autonomous with teaching in the classroom and the ability to be creative in the classroom.”

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