Karen Seabolt – Analyst. Alumna. Staff.



Karen Seabolt – Analyst. Alumna. Staff

Karen Seabolt, Senior Accountant at Connors State College, started her college career like many who attend Connors State. Coming from the small town of Checotah, and graduating with only 80 in her class, Karen was not quite ready for the university experience, instead she wanted a more hands-on close-knit relationship with classmates and students.

Karen said she began taking concurrent classes at Connors while in High School and chose to continue her education at the same, because she admired how the faculty and staff members cared for each of the students on campus and genuinely showed interest in their lives.

“One of the main reasons I chose to pursue an education at Connors was because of the location and the campus size,” said Karen. “I could get the college experience without uprooting my life and moving to a university. I could still live at home and spend time with my family and also gain the experience and education I needed to get a career.”

After graduation from Connors State College in 2005, Karen attended Northeastern State University and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.

“Connors helped me grow as a student and a person,” said Karen. “After earning my associates here I had the confidence and life skills to go to NSU and really buckle down and focus on my education. The great thing about Connors is they really helped me make the transition from High School to the university.”

After earning her degree at NSU, Karen chose a career in accounting. She has worked as an accountant for eight years, starting as an accountant for an industrial supply store, followed by time at a hospital in Tahlequah and, now, Connors State.

Karen was the first person in her family to graduate college. Now Karen and her husband and son live in Fort Gibson and own a ranch in Checotah and raise cattle.