Connors Campuses add Student Success Centers


As published in the Muskogee Phoenix

By Cathy Spaulding Phoenix Staff Writer

Connors State College students have new places to get help with classes, careers and transfers.

Each of Connors’ three campuses is adding a College Success Center, which will offer individual help with tutoring, workforce placement or transfers to other colleges, said Robin O’Quinn, Connors’ division chairwoman of developmental studies.

“The goal is to help students to be successful in college,” O’Quinn said. “We want them to persevere and be successful. We’ll have certified tutors to help them.”

The Success Centers, which are due to open in two weeks, could help a majority of Connors students, said Lyndsey R. Sullivan, Connors’ director of college and community relations.

“Eighty percent of the students coming to Connors need a developmental course. We’ll offer whatever students need to retain them at Connors, to help them be successful,” Sullivan said.

CSC already offers developmental courses. However, many students need additional tutoring, and Connors is adding tutors to help at the centers.

A new dedicated assessment fee of $2 per credit hour will help fund the centers, she said.

 “We’ve never been able to have this many tutors in one place,” Sullivan said.

Connors expects to have 20 tutors, who will be sent to the campus where they’re needed most.

“The Port campus might have a desire for more math tutors,” Sullivan said. “English and humanities tutors might be needed at the west campus.”

O’Quinn said, “Any student can come in and request tutoring.”

Workers spent Monday painting and finishing window and ceiling work at the Warner campus’ Success Center. Monday was the first day of class at CSC. The center, located in a former technology storage area, features 28 computers, plus tutoring tables.

Each Success Center also will have an adviser, who will help students with transfers to other colleges and offer career counseling.