Connors State College Honors Students

Members of the Presidentís Leadership Class were recognized, along with several other outstanding students, at the 2014 Connors State College Honors Night.

Members of the Presidentís Leadership Class were recognized, along with several other outstanding students, at the 2014 Connors State College Honors Night.

Connors State College honored several students at the 2014 Honors Night. Students were recognized for their outstanding ability in and out of the classroom setting.

ďOur students work hard and are very deserving of this honor,Ē said Connors State College President, Dr. Tim Faltyn. ďOur faculty and staff work closely with our students and are able to guide them to success.Ē





This yearís honorees include:

Adair Fox, Connors State Academic Team

Alicia Castaneda, Excellence in Creative Services

Alex Keener, Presidentís Leadership Class

Allison Tarvin, Excellence in Creative Services

Amy Garman, General Zoology, Human Physiology

Amanda Long, Outstanding Composition

Ashley Boykins, Fundamentals of Computer Usage, Desktop Publishing

Austin Ribbe, Macroeconomics

Autumn Ingram, Excellence Clinical Performance

Bailey Pugh, Presidentís Leadership Class

Benny Earl Hulsey, Outstanding Veteran

Blake Miller, Presidentís Leadership Class

Brandi Hale, Accounting, Computer Science

Bryce Hauenstein, Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Ambassador

Matthew Kirby, World Literature

Caitlyn Mocha, World Literature

Callie Shannon, Microcomputers in Agriculture, General Humanities (Ancient World to Renaissance)

Cary Hayes, College Algebra

Cassidy Allread, Agriculture Economics

Cassie Holsey, Evolution and Diversity, Human Anatomy

Christie Jay, Outstanding Student Athletic Trainer

Colin Marsh, Physics, Calculus 2

Dakota Macom, Agriculture Ambassador

Derek Ellis, Anatomy/Physiology, Microbiology, Outstanding Composition

Derek White, Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II

Devyn Redford, General Biology

Elizabeth Holtfreter, Business Law

Elizabeth McCarter, Art Appreciation

Emily Kell, Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Leadership

Erica Vinzetta, College Algebra

Erin Reynolds, World Literature

Esther Salters, Fundamentals of Computer Usage, Composition

Faith Daniels, Introduction to Horticulture

Greg Broussard, Biology

Hannah Allen, Excellence in Creative Services

Hayli Miller, Connors State Academic Team, Presidentís Leadership Class

Heather Johnson, Outstanding Comp I Student

Hilary Dennis, Music Appreciation

Hunter Dauck, Plant Science

Isaac Blankenship, Connors State Academic Team

Jacob Green, Presidentís Leadership Class

Jaime Hare, Trigonometry

Jayden Hubler, Fundamentals of Computer Usage, Spreadsheet Analysis

Jalyn Willis, Presidentís Leadership Class

Jennifer Swift, Nursing Theory

Jessica Mann, College Algebra, English Comp II

Jeremiah Leavell, World Literature

Jeremy Barnes, Trigonometry

Jeremy Coltharp, Outstanding Comp I Student

Johnathon Moore, Microeconomics

Jonathan Jack, Nursing, Outstanding Careplan Performance

Jolee Hothouse, Outstanding Comp I student, English Comp II

Juan Rodriguez, Human Anatomy

Kaitlyn Kelley, Microcomputers in Agriculture, Presidentís Leadership Class

Kallene Brewer, Fundamentals of Computer Usage

Katie Bullard, Presidentís Leadership Class, Excellence in Creative Services

Kayley Lewis, Opportunity Seeking

Keegan Vander Molen, Agriculture Economics

Keelie Engelbrecht, College Algebra

Kyle Box, Connors State Academic Team

Lauren Irons, Outstanding Academic Performance

Lisa Jack, Nursing, Outstanding Clinical Performance

Madison Peeples, English Comp II

Mallory Smith, Presidentís Leadership Class

Melinda Busch, Nursing, Outstanding Academic Performance

Michael Edgmon, Agriculture Economics

Michael Wilt, Fundamentals of Computer Usage

Morgan Anderson, Excellence in Creative Services

Morgan Cook, CSC Foundation Newsletter, Excellence in Creative Services

Morgan Olmstead, College Algebra

Nella Worthan, Presidentís Leadership Class, English Comp II, Student Activities

Peyton Reed, Superior Sociology Student of the Year

Rachel Alvord, College Algebra

Rebekah Parnell, Nursing, Outstanding Careplan Performance

Robyn Smalley, Presidentís Leadership Class

Ronna Bell, Presidentís Leadership Class

Ryan Echelle, Presidentís Leadership Class

Sean Friend, Presidentís Leadership Class, Excellence in Creative Services

Shawna Carrier, Outstanding Business Graduate

Shelby Strain, Presidentís Leadership Class

Shelly Clay, Opportunity Seeking

Stevie Larue-Spear, Evolution and Diversity

Steven Ertle, College Algebra

Tabatha Hubler, General Botany, General Zoology

Tabatha Lane, College Algebra

Tareva McCall, Psychology, General Humanities 2223 (renaissance to present day)

Taylor Sparks, Agriculture Engineering

Traye Gann, Soil Science, Agriculture Ambassador

Tyler Scott, Connors State Academic Team

Whitney Andras, Excellence in Creative Services

Zane Webster, Agriculture Ambassador