CSC Livestock Judging Team Continues Success at the Fort Worth Stock Show


The Connors State College (CSC) livestock judging team recently traveled to Fort Worth, Texas to compete in the 2013 Fort Worth Stock Show (FWSS) Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Contest, where on Feb. 8, 2013 they brought home the champion title.  

Connors State College, Warner, Okla., won high team overall with a score of 3,768 points, beating Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (NEO) and Butler. Along with the champion title, CSC was named second high team in the sheep division, and second in the horse division. Connors also made a clean sweep in the swine, cattle and oral reasons divisions, scoring 944, 1,338 and 1,472 respectively, taking home the high overall team award in all three divisions.

Team member Clay Carlson of Stoneham, Colo., had an impressive run the FWSS, receiving high individual overall, with a score of 955. Carlson was also named third in sheep, seventh in swine, sixth in horses and second in oral reasons.

Carlson is very proud of his success, but stays humble and focused.

“I have worked hard and it’s nice to be rewarded for my effort,” said Carlson. “But we still have two more contests, so I want to keep working and stay focused, and continue our accomplishments as a team.”

Brazos Williams of Memphis, Texas also represented Connors well, ranking first in horses, fifth in cattle, third in oral reasons, ending up third high individual.

Williams was proud to have such a great day and bring home a win for Connors.

“I have been coming to this stock show since I was born,” said Williams. “I’m glad I got the opportunity to compete and be a part of our team’s success, at a contest that means so much to me.”

Garrett Foote of Texico, N.M., received many honors at the FWSS as well, being named fourth high individual. Foote also continued his winning streak in the cattle division, ranking first in both cattle and oral reasons.

The other team members of Connors were rewarded as well. Dakota Moyers of Newcastle, Okla., placed third in the swine division. Matthew Murdoch of Marion, Texas ranked ninth in oral reasons, 10th in cattle and eighth overall.

Jacob McKillip of Lafayette, Ind., received honors for placing fourth in swine and 10th in oral reasons. Tyler Mackey of Blum, Texas ended up sixth in the cattle division.

Cassie Godwin of Prescott, Ark., placed fourth in the cattle division. Ian Schaefer of Garden City, Texas placed seventh in horses. Connors had an impressive amount of four team members placing in the top 10 overall and three in the top 25.

The Connors State College livestock judging team is coached by Brandon Gunn and Dodge Nichols, team members include: Jacob McKillip, Lafayette, Ind.; Garrett Foote, Texico, N.M.; Ian Schaefer, Garden City, Texas; Clay Carlson, Stoneham, Colo.; Dakota Moyers, Newcastle, Okla.; Matthew Murdoch, Marion, Texas; Tyler Mackey, Blum, Texas; Brazos Williams, Memphis, Texas; and Cassie Godwin, Prescott, Ark.


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