CSC’s Grady to Present at American Psychological Association


Connors State College’s Psychology Professor, Dr. Gary Grady’s approach to “hooking” students on psychology will soon be shared with other educators at the Southwest Psychological Association’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. Grady created a 17-minute video that he shows to his classes at the beginning of each semester.

Grady, who has been a counseling psychologist since 1980, has taught at Connors State College since 2007. In an effort to create interest in the field of psychology he developed a video montage of clips from movies, TV shows and documentaries that answer the question, “Why study psychology?”

“It answers that question by showing how psychology answers 19 different questions we have about human behavior,” Grady said. “I use it at the beginning of the semester for my Intro to Psych classes to give them an idea of the kinds of things we will be studying and to whet their appetite for it. It uses humor, the unusual and the unexpected to hook them on psychology.”

Grady was invited to share his ideas with other teachers by the Southwest Teachers of Psychology Association (SToP), an organization responsible for one of the tracks at the Southwest Psychological Association’s (SWPA) annual conference.

“I am pleased that SToP and SWPA considered my teaching module something that would benefit other teachers of psychology and am happy to share it,” said Grady. “I really like opportunities like this because our psych program at Connors gets wider recognition.”

This is the second time Grady has been asked to share this teaching module, having presented it at Oklahoma State University in 2012 at the annual conference of the Oklahoma Network of Teachers in Psychology.

Grady will also present a poster on his research on self-esteem levels of Native American College students at the annual conference of the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.C., next August.