You Are Starting to Feel Sleepy!


You are starting to feel sleepy!

These are words you may have heard during a recent comedy hypnosis by Mike Reeves on September 7 at the Fine Arts Auditorium.

“The first person that I hypnotized was at the age of 12. I surprised myself on how fast I was able to hypnotize him. It was probably a little more frightening than interesting.”

According to Reeves, that first time hypnotizing someone increased his interest in hypnosis and helped him realize that he had a talent that was unique as we as fun for him and all his friends.

Hypnosis come second nature to Reeves. His grandmother learned hypnosis at the University of Oklahoma for a varsity show. His father and his uncle first learned about hypnosis techniques from her, and passed the techniques on to him.

Reeves has an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Tulsa. With more than 20 years of experience, Reeves has hypnotized more than 100,000 volunteers. Reeves travels at least two weekends per month and some weekdays. He performs shows at high schools, proms, parties for universities, fraternities, and sororities, sports teams, charity organizations, corporate parties, clubs, and many other venues.

During the show, volunteers became famous people, movie stars, singers, presidents, etc.

Of the volunteers that participate, Reeves said that half of them will remember everything they had done and the other half will recall what they have done about a half hour after the show.

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