Let’s Talk About It: Oklahoma Fall 2014 Making Sense of the American Civil War



The Fall 2014 Semester theme for Let’s Talk About It: Oklahoma is “Making Sense of the American Civil War”.
The opportunity to offer this series was awarded to the CSC/NSUM Library by a grant awarded by the Oklahoma Humanities Council.

Events begin at 6:30 p.m. in the NSU Auditorium at 2400 W. Shawnee in Muskogee. This reading and discussion series is sure to enlighten the participants as to facts and stories from America’s Civil War. The scholarly discussions include the following dates and topics:

August 28 – “Imagining War”. Presented by Scholar William Hagen covering March by Geraldine Brooks. He will also cover excerpts from America’s War.

September 18 – “Choosing Sides”. Presented by Scholar Andrew Vassar covering selections from America’s War which includes Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, Alexander Stephens “Cornerstone” speech, and more.

October 2 – “Making Sense of War”. Presented by Scholar Brad Agnew. His presentation will include selections from America’s War such as “Shiloh” and General Bragg’s speech to the Army of the Mississippi.

October 30 – “The Shape of War”. Shared by Scholar James D. Farthing, he will cover Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam and further excerpts from America’s War

November 20 – “War and Freedom”. Presentation given by Scholar Suzanne Farmer. She will share more selections from America’s War including Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address”, James Brisbin’s report on US Colored Cavalry, and more!

The Let’s Talk About It: Oklahoma series is a perfect opportunity to share the love of reading and learning with others and to offer an opportunity for extra credit to your students. Enjoy.