What is Gap Funding?

Gap funding is a college-driven funding program targeted at assisting students with the cost of higher education. The Muskogee Difference Healthcare Scholarship is intended to provide the needed funding to fill the “gap” between a student’s financial aid and cost of attendance.*  This scholarship has been created to pay the balance remaining after all federal, state and private funding has been applied to qualified expenses.  The overall goal for the Muskogee Difference Healthcare Scholarship is to assist students in obtaining a degree in an allied healthcare field at no cost to the student.  All scholarship applicants must apply for FAFSA and complete all FAFSA requirements in order to be considered.  This scholarship is intended to assist students in the Muskogee service area (see eligibility and attached map).  Financial Aid funds will be applied to the student’s account in the below outlined order as funds are available.

  • PELL
  • SEOG
  • OTAG
  • Outside Scholarships
  • Tribal Grants & Scholarships
  • CSC Scholarship (up to $1,000.00 per year)
  • Muskogee Difference Healthcare Scholarship
  • Student Loans


*Cost of attendance includes full tuition, fees, and books as funds are available.  Developmental courses are not eligible under the MDHS.

Apply for FAFSA here