Meet the Regent – Rick Davis

Vice Chair of the A&M Board of Regents encourages students to pursue their passion.

Vice Chair of the A&M Board of Regents encourages students to pursue their passion.

Being the Vice Chair on the A&M Board of Regents is a very time consuming job in and of itself, but Regent Rick Davis makes it look easy compared to everything he is involved in outside of the Board.

            Regent Davis was raised on a family farm in Guthrie, Okla., where he lived and breathed the country lifestyle. In his youth, he was a part of 4-H and FFA. He moved forward with FFA to serve as the 1979-80 State FFA Secretary and the 1980-81 State FFA President.

“I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for my involvement and experiences in 4-H and FFA,” Davis explained. “I encourage youth to be a part of these programs that did so much for me.”

He graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1983 with his Bachelors of Science degree in Agricultural Economics.

            Aside from his Board duties, Davis is a Managing General Partner for Davis Farms and Dimmit Hay. He and his brothers are very hands-on in the family business.

“We run a very diversified set of operations consisting of a stocker program, 2,500 acres of wheat, a dairy, and of course the hay operation,” he said. 

 Modeled after his father’s plan of business, Davis is very appreciative of the vision that his father had.

“By being diversified, we can withstand small challenges that each program is faced with, and for that I am blessed,” he said. “I’ve learned that it’s better to have multiple endeavors rather than to put all the eggs in one basket.”

            If Davis had to be described with one word, his word of choice would be “family oriented,” but not in the way most people would automatically think.

“In my head, family oriented doesn’t just mean my immediate family. It includes my immediate family, but it also adds my extended families, my employees, and all the people that give me the motivation to do what I do,” he said.   “I give credit to my father and mother for this quality, and I’m very blessed to have been raised in a farm environment and to have been able to raise my family in the same environment.”

            In his free time, that really isn’t all that free according to him, Davis enjoys going on vacations to Colorado with his friends and family, being involved in his community, and of course cheering for the Oklahoma State Cowboys during his favorite season of the year, football season. Davis is also involved in his daughter’s Girls Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Basketball teams.

“Being involved in this program for 12 years is very rewarding because it encourages these girls to head in the direction of college,” he said.  

            With his wife Pam, he still resides in Guthrie, Okla., and lives on the farm. He and his wife have a son and a daughter together who are both graduated from college. Being the parent of two college graduates, he wanted to leave a piece of advice for students at Connors State College.

“Expose yourself to all of your interests,” Davis said.  “Don’t limit yourself to what you think you want to do. By exploring your options, you’ll discover your passion.”