Oklahoma A&M Regent Named Trustee of the Year




Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents, Regent Tucker Link, will receive the 2013 National Trustee of the Year Award from the Rural Community College Alliance. Link will receive his award at the RCCA national conference later this month.

Oklahoma A&M Board Chairman Tucker Link was recently named the 2013 Rural Community College Alliance’s (RCCA) National Trustee of the Year.  Link serves as one of nine professionals on the Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural & Mechanical Colleges – the governing body for Connors State College.

                “Regent Link is a very engaged Regent,” said CSC President Dr. Tim Faltyn. “His generosity of attention, time, and resources all add up to powerfully advocate for the rural way of life in America, while genuinely contributing to our ability to provide the best possible student experience at Connors State. His commitment to our success is greater than any one individual I have witnessed in my 20 year career in the OSU A&M system.”

Aside from his position as Chairman of the Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents, Link operates a number of businesses.  As the founder and CEO of Knightsbridge Resources, Link has evolved and expanded his company into a wide range of industries, such as chemicals, oil and gas, renewable energy, beef genetics and real estate.

One of his most generous educational contributions comes in the form of his ranch.  Officially launched in 2007, KiamichiLink Ranch (KLR) is a purebred Angus operation located in Finley, Oklahoma. Supporting more than 1,000 head of cattle and having state-of-the-art facilities, KLR strives to improve genetic engineering in beef cattle. Connors State College and other Oklahoma A&M College students have had the privilege of working closely with KLR by traveling to the ranch and getting first-hand experience working in their facilities.

“I am honored to offer an educational experience through the use of KLR,” said Link.  “Hosting the students allows me and my wife Vickie to share our passion and resources to further agriculture education.”

The National Trustee of the Year Award will be presented at the RCCA national conference, held the end of this month in Maine. 

“Rural colleges are important because they welcome all who desire to learn, regardless of wealth, heritage, or prior academic preparation and experience,” said RCCA President, Dr. Randy Smith.  “Regent Link exemplifies this notion and is a well-deserving awardee.”