Child Development

Child Development

Are you really a kid at heart?


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Choose Child Development at Connors!


Childcare is the 6th fastest growing occupation in Oklahoma+


The Child Development Program at Connors State College recognizes first and foremost the importance of developmentally appropriate early childhood programs in the lives of young children.

Our Philosophy
To develop healthy young children—physically, mentally, and socially—it requires children to be in healthy stimulating environments with caring, nurturing adults who provide a variety of learning experiences. Because of the dynamic nature of the field of child development, student learning is a product of child development knowledge, skill development and professional development.

Our Approach to Teaching You
We strive to make a student’s learning experience at CSC one that is not only relevant to the principles of the field of child development but also one that can be applied meaningfully into a student’s work with young children. We educate our students by aligning courses to the NAEYC standards, while upholding the values and mission of the college.

+ Source: Employment Projections program, Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Research & Analysis Division.