Child Development Courses

CHDV1112 – Professional Preparation  I

An overview of all aspects of teaching young children, including child development, behavior and guidance, working with families, planning and implementing learning activities, professionalism and program management. This course also provides an overview of the early childhood profession and its multiple historical, philosophical, and social foundations as they relate to current thought and practice.


CHDV1323 – Health & Safety of Young Children

A course specifically designed to develop an understanding of the principles and practices for the health and safety of young children in group setting. Also includes the application of these principles and practices with young children in group care and the teaching of the practices to children.


CHDV2223 – Creative Experiences for Young Children

Prerequisite: CHDV2523.

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the principles and practices for the development of skills and techniques for working with children in creative arts which include art, music, and drama.


CHDV2233 – Math, Science and Social Studies

Prerequisite: CHDV2523.

A study of the use and value of appropriate materials in the teaching of mathematics, science and social studies to young children.


CHDV2243 – Language and Literacy Development

Prerequisite: CHDV2523.

This course focuses on language development in young children and appropriate experiences in the language arts that promote literacy.


CHDV2300 – Special Topics (1-5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

The study and/or analysis of a selected topic in child development. Individual and/or group study. May be repeated with a different topic.


CHDV2433 – Professional Development

Prerequisite: Consent of program director.

This field-based experience course will allow students to apply and demonstrate their knowledge of early care practice. This course will enhance student learning and ensure they are capable of functioning as competent members of an educational or childcare team. A professional Portfolio will be developed using NAEYC standards. Course is to be taken during the semester of graduation. Course also includes supervised observations.


CHDV2440 – Childhood Development Externship

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

A lab practicum designed for those wishing to enter the field of early childhood education. Credit is variable.


CHDV2523 – Child Growth and Development

Course will identify patterns of the physical, intellectual and emotional/psycho-social development of children from conception through middle childhood. The course will recognize the major theories of human development as they apply to children.


CHDV2533 – Guidance of Young Children

This course presents the theoretical basis for the use of positive, constructive child guidance and discipline techniques in programs serving children. A general understanding of behavior patterns of children, methods of guidance and directing children’s behavior, and activities for positive growth and development are included.


CHDV2553 – Program Planning

This course is designed to apply the principles and techniques associated with curriculum content including room arrangements and scheduling activities for young children in a group setting. It includes guidelines for selection of materials, equipment, and methods of improvising activities with children.


CHDV2563 – Child and Family in Society

A laboratory course to enable students to develop and demonstrate an understanding of the family in various cultural settings including the place of the child in the family as well as environmental factors. The development of referral methods for parents with special needs and participation in parent education activities.


CHDV2573 – Children with Special Needs

Prerequisite: CHDV2523.

Course focuses on children with special abilities and implementing practical strategies for inclusion. Recognition of a child’s potential through the development of methods for working with individuals and families is emphasized.


CHDV2593 – Infant and Toddler Programs

This course covers the dynamics of infant and toddler development as related to group situations, curriculum decisions and program planning. Use of the ITERS rating scale and observation will be included.


CHDV2623 – Marriage and Family Development

Building relationships, dating, engagement, and marriage in present day society.


CHDV2633 – Infancy and Early Development

Study of prenatal development with emphasis on prenatal care, developmental stages, and behavior to age five.


CHDV2653 – Parenting

This course explores parenting philosophies, styles and techniques as well as decisions, responsibilities and issues related to parent-child relationships.