Degree Plan

Associate in Arts (AA) Child Development

Total Minimum Degree Hours62 hours
General Education Requirements38 hours
ENGL1113 - English Comp I3 hours
ENGL1213 - English Comp II3 hours
SPCH1113 - Introduction to Oral Communication3 hours
HIST1483 - History of the United States to 1865 or
HIST1493 - History of the United States Since 1865
3 hours
POLS1113 - American Federal Government3 hours
BIOL1114 - General Biology4 hours
GPS1103 - General Physical Science3 hours
GPS1101 - General Physical Science Laboratory1 hour

6 hours of any of the following:

HIST1223 - Early Civilization3 hours
HIST1323 - Modern Civilization3 hours
HUMN1113 - Art Appreciation3 hours
HUMN1123 - Music Appreciation3 hours
HUMN2113 - General Humanities: Ancient World through Middle Ages3 hours
HUMN2223 - Gen Humn Renaissance/Present3 hours
HUMN2300 - Special Topics1-3 hours
HUMN2413 - World Literature3 hours
ENGL2413 - World Literature3 hours
6 hours
MATH1513 - College Algebra3 hours
COMS1133 - Fund Computer Usage3 hours
General Education Electives

At least one course from the following areas:

PSYC1113 - Introduction to Psychology3 hours
PSYC2113 - Psychology of Adjustment3 hours
PSYC2213 - Introduction to Personality Theories3 hours
PSYC2300 - Special Topics0-3 hours
PSYC2301 - Special Topics Ė Presidentís Leadership Class1 hour
PSYC2313 - Developmental Psychology3 hours
PSYC2443 - Leadership Development3 hours
PSYC2543 - Introduction to Social Psychology3 hours
SOCI1113 - Principles Of Sociology3 hours
SOCI2113 - Intro Social Services3 hours
SOCI2300 - Special Topics0-3 hours
SOCI2313 - Introduction to Counseling3 hours
SOCI2323 - Social Problems3 hours
SOCI2413 - Cultural Anthropology3 hours
SOCI2423 - Sociology Of The Family3 hours
SOCI2523 - Social Psychology3 hours
SPAN1113 - Elementary Spanish I3 hours
SPAN1223 - Elementary Spanish II3 hours
SPCH1123 - Elementary Dramatics3 hours
SPCH2101 - Dramatics Lab1 hour
SPCH2201 - Dramatics Lab1 hour
SPCH2213 - Advanced Dramatics3 hours
SPCH2301 - Dramatics Lab1 hour
SPCH2303 - SPCH23033 hours
SPCH2401 - Dramatics Lab1 hour
ART1113 - Fundamentals of Art I3 hours
ART1213 - Basic Drawing I3 hours
ART1313 - Basic Color and Design3 hours
ART1113 - Fundamentals of Art I3 hours
ART2213 - Water Color I3 hours
ART2313 - Painting I3 hours
ART2323 - Introduction to Printmaking3 hours
ART2300 - Special Topics1-3 hours
MUSC1111 - Chorus Music1 hour
MUSC1112 - Applied Voice2 hours
MUSC1122 - Applied Instrument2 hours
MUSC1153 - Music Theory I3 hours
MUSC1211 - Chorus Music1 hour
MUSC1212 - Applied Voice2 hours
MUSC1221 - College Band & Orchestra1 hour
MUSC1222 - Applied Instrument2 hours
MUSC1253 - Music Theory II3 hours
MUSC1311 - Chorus Music1 hour
MUSC1312 - Applied Voice2 hours
MUSC1411 - Chorus Music1 hour
MUSC1412 - Applied Voice2 hours
MUSC1512 - Ear Training/Sight Singing I2 hours
MUSC1522 - Ear Training/Sight Singing II2 hours
MUSC2300 - Special Topics1-3 hours
MUSC2321 - College Band & Orchestra1 hour
MUSC2322 - Applied Instrument2 hours
MUSC2361 - Vocal Workshop1 hour
MUSC2421 - College Band & Orchestra1 hour
MUSC2422 - Applied Instrument2 hours
MUSC2461 - Vocal Workshop1 hour
1-3 hours
Program Requirements15 hours
CHDV1113 - CHDV11133 hours
CHDV1323 - Health & Safety of Young Children3 hours
CHDV2523 - Child Growth & Development3 hours
CHDV2533 - Guidance Young Children Lab3 hours
CHDV2563 - Child and Family in Society3 hours
Guided Electives19 hours
CHDV2243 - Lang & Lit Devel-Ble3 hours
CHDV2223 - Creative Experiences for Young Children3 hours
CHDV2233 - Math, Science and Social Studies3 hours
CHDV2553 - Program Planning3 hours
CHDV2573 - Children W/Spec'L Needs3 hours
CHDV2593 - Infant and Toddler Programs3 hours
CHDV2623 - Marriage and Family Development3 hours
CHDV2633 - Infancy and Early Development3 hours
CHDV2563 - Child and Family in Society3 hours
1Consult Advisor for appropriate selections.
EDUC 2320 Outcomes Assessment