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How to Listen to Your Child

Imagine for a second that you are speaking your mind, I mean really telling somebody how you feel, and they are paying absolutely no attention to you. How would you feel? Could you believe that you can actually make your child feel that same way? Below are just a few ways to let your child know you’re listening to them.

  • Stop whatever you are doing. Children need our undivided attentions.
  • Get at your child’s eye level: bend, squat, or sit down.
  • Look at your child. Eye contact is essential to listening.
  • Ask questions, this shows that you heard what they said.
  • Reflect your child’s feelings. For example, “You sound angry!”
  • Ask open-ended questions to encourage your child to talk more.
  • Children learn to be good listeners when we model good listening techniques!

“Family Parenting” by Dana Nourie in the 1998 issue of “Family Life”