Welcome to Connors’ Psychology Department that offers the AA Degree in Psychology. Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. A major in psychology prepares students for a number of career paths. While working on their degree psychology students at Connors are able to study under award-winning instructors and participate in on-going research projects.


Psychology courses are available on all of Connors’ campuses through Interactive TV and are all taught on-campus and on-line.  In addition to general education courses, five courses are required for the psychology degree: General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology, and Statistics.


Elective psychology courses include Psychology of Adjustment and a rotating schedule of Special Topics in Psychology classes such as Madness at the Movies, Discovering Your  Personality Type, Strengthening Your Interpersonal Skills, and the Psychology of Grief.


More information on our department, degree or courses is available in Connors’ catalog.


Dr. Gary Grady, Psychology Instructor