Time To Setup Your C-Key Account!


It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, leaves will soon begin to fall, and sounds of students returning to campus can be heard throughout the halls. This time of year most students are concerned with getting to class on time, buying their books, or finalizing their schedules but there is one important item that many seem to overlook. That item is C-Key.


C-Key is the system which we use here at CSC to manage each student’s individual identity and access credentials for technology resources. Once setup, you can access a wide variety of services and resources here at CSC that will help you be more successful and productive as a student. If you are a returning student you will simply need to perform an account reset. New students will simply need to activate their account.


C-Key account activations and resets are both performed via the C-Key website (http://ckey.connorsstate.edu). When activating you will need several key pieces of information such as your birthdate, the last five digits of your SSN, and your activation PIN from the Admissions office. Once you’ve properly identified yourself, you will be able to setup your C-Key password, verify your username, and create an email address. These three pieces of information are very important. They are your “keys” to accessing the resources you will need.


Once you’ve setup your account, there are a couple other options that we urge users to complete. The first option is for campus alerts. This is our way to notify you of an emergency on campus so we encourage all users to provide relevant contact information via the red “Campus Alerts” link on your C-Key personal profile screen. The second option is for password reset capability. By providing your cell phone number via the “Authorization Number” link and your personal email address via the “Alternate Email” link you can have two avenues to receive a password reset TOKEN. This TOKEN will allow you to reset your own account in the future should you have any issues.


For students who are returning to school at CSC but cannot access their C-Key account, you can use the password reset option by sending a TOKEN to your personal email address or cell phone. In the event you did not setup a cell phone or email address for password resets, please contact the IT Systems Helpdesk for assistance in retrieving your password reset TOKEN.


For any other issues or problems with C-Key, please contact our IT Helpdesk via one of the methods below:


                Email:                    cschelp@connorsstate.edu

                Web:                     http://help.connorsstate.edu

                Phone:                 918-463-6223

                Walk-In:               Center Kiosk, Gatlin Hall, Warner Campus

Room 11, Port Campus

Room 112, Student Success Center, West Campus