Warm Wishes: Connors Students Make Blankets for Area Nursing Home


Residents inside Countryside Estates will be feeling the warmth of the holiday season after receiving handmade lap blankets from Connors State College students. The Native American Student Association wanted to reach out and help others in their community.

The students met twice a week to make the blankets as a way to honor their elders.

“Elders’ wisdom and understanding have always been revered in Native American Culture,” said Callie Connolly, Connors’ NASA advisor. “This project just seemed to reflect NASA’s values.”


NASA Blankets

Connors State College’s Native American Student Association recently made and delivered blankets to residents of Countryside Estates in Warner, Okla. Pictured are (L to R): Brandie Center, Jane Hughart, Jessica Forbes, Tayler Jo Sexton, Ashton Hartsell, Ashley Hough..