Warner Students Visit Connors State College


A group of 4th – 12th grade students recently visited the Connors State College campus as part of a Math and Science Partnership Grant Warner Schools and Connors received from the Oklahoma State Department of Education.  The students learned how to measure a horse to determine its weight and how to test for particles in water.

While students benefited from the learning experiences, the program is aimed at the instructors, offering professional development of instructors to increase academic rigor in the STEM fields and create a connection between PK-12 and higher education.

“The Warner teachers were there to learn of specific lessons and activities that they could take back to their classroom and do innovative activities to increase their students’ interest and engagement in math and science,” said Robin O’Quinn, program coordinator at Connors State College.  “The students came to observe, rather than participate, and then take the excitement and interest back in order to work in collaborative learning projects in their classrooms.”

Collaborations with local school districts is an important endeavor for Connors State College.

“We want to ensure that our communities realize how important they are to us.  We value them and want to make sure we do what we can to create a unity that cultivates success.  We as an institution are working to build bridges with our area schools to ensure that students begin to determine early what they want to pursue when they go to college not if they go to college,” said O’Quinn.  “Multiple opportunities are there for them to achieve the goals they dream about.  We want to create a connection between PK-12 and higher education to have the best possible success for our students.”