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The Software Distribution Center is where CSC students and employees can go to download Oklahoma State University license software. The software availability depends on the individual’s role with the university. The software is made available through contracts negotiated with major software companies.


The most common software available to most of the OSU community is Microsoft Office 365. Office includes a collection of programs and tools. The Office suite can be downloaded onto individual computers: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Access, One Drive – a cloud that lets individuals connect to their files from multiple devices and facilitates working “on the go.”

On the Software Distribution sign-in page are links to Cisco’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Autocad 2014, and Microsoft’s antivirus software. Users will have to log into the first two sites to verify their association with CSC. The antivirus software, Security Essentials, is free and open to the public and is the antivirus that Information Technology recommends and uses.

Getting Started

Faculty, Staff, and Students

  1. Go to the Software Distribution Center.
  2. Select the role listed.
    – If you have more than one option, select one. Different software options are associated with different roles.
    3. Select the desired software.
    4. Read the licensing agreement.
    5. Select either the Agree or Disagree
    6. If you selected Agree, proceed to downloading the software.

For help with any part of this process and installation, contact the OSU-IT Helpdesk at 405-744-HELP (4357) or send email to


Go to OK Corral and order software there.

Available to

Students and Employees

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Connors State College!

To make the transition to a new student here at CSC easier, we have compiled a list of instructions for gaining access to the systems needed to fulfill your course requirements here at CSC.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the CSC IT Systems Department using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Technology Access

Getting Started

To begin your courses at CSC, you must first activate your C-Key account.

NOTE: Your information must have been processed by the Admissions Office in order to proceed.

  1. Obtain your C-Key Account Activation PIN from the Admissions Office.
  2. Visit the C-Key website, select the “Connors Account Activation” button, and follow the instructions.
  3. Once activated, please allow 15-30 minutes for your account information to populate across all the various systems here at CSC.
  4. Login to the system you wish with your new C-Key credentials!

NOTE: Some systems may require you to wait overnight in order to fully fully access each aspect of the system. If you cannot access a given system or area of a system after waiting overnight, please contact the CSC Helpdesk.


(E-mail, SIS, Computer Labs, WiFi Access, Blackboard)

C-Key Information and FAQs
Software Our labs utilize the following software:

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Authorware
  • MyMathLab
  • Mavis Beacon
  • Others

For our current students who maintain an active C-Key account, please visit the Software Distribution Center (SDC – to obtain select software applications for FREE! These applications include:

  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • And Many More!

Here is a list of some unique software available to students for free or at a reduced rate:

  • Sun OpenOffice – A free, open-source Office solution comparable to the MS Office Suite.
  • Firefox – A free internet browser.
  • OpenDisc – An all-in-one download featuring free and open-source software students may find useful. For a list of included software, please click here.
  • OpenEducationDisc – Another all-in-one download featuring free and open-source software tailored for the student.
  • journeyEd – An on-line software retailer with reduced costs for the student.

NOTE: These links are for information purposes only and CSC does not recognize nor endorse any of these products and or vendors. These links are merely provided to help our students save money and see every option available to them while here at CSC.

Phone: 918.463.6223

Fax: 918.463.6316


Web: Help Desk

Walk-In: 2nd Floor, Administration Building, Warner Campus (Located East of Melvin Self Fieldhouse)

If you would like to view our 2009-2010 Recruitment CD online, please click here.

It contains valuable information for any new student beginning their education at CSC.