AA Multidisciplinary Studies

Please review the following information regarding degree requirements, a suggested plan of study, and embedded certificate requirements. We highly recommend consulting with your student success coach to develop a customized plan that aligns with your academic goals. You can schedule an appointment with your student success coach at www.connorsstate.edu/rars.

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Multidisciplinary Studies

Associates of Arts



Check Catalog listings for prerequisites

AreaHoursTo be selected from:
English Composition6– ENGL 1113 English Composition I
– ENGL 1213 English Composition II
American History3– HIST 1483 American History Survey to 1877 or
– HIST 1493 American History Survey since 1877
US Government3– POLS 1113 American Federal Government
Mathematics3– Any course designated (A)
See course descriptions for designations and consult with an advisor for options.
Science3-4– Any course designated (N)
See course descriptions for designations.
Science with Lab4-5Any course designated (N, L)
See course descriptions for designations.
Humanities6– Any course designated (H)
See course descriptions for designations.
General Education Elective9– SPCH 1113 Intro to Oral Communication
– COMS 1133 Fund. of Computer Usage, and/or
– Course(s) from the following designations: (A), (N), (N, L), (H), (S), or Foreign Language


23 HOURS (Minimum)

Check Catalog Listings for prerequisites.

Courses counted towards General Education Requirements cannot be counted for Program Requirements

College Orientation1-3– EDUC 1111 College Orientation or
– EDUC 1113 Strategies for Success

CORE COURSES: (20-22 Hours)

Guided Electives20-22Any college-level course as determined by your academic advisor.

Maximum 3 hours allowed for Special Topics (ST) courses towards a degree. Physical Education activity courses do not count toward graduation.

Total Hours: 60


Semester Plan of Study

This plan shows one possible grouping of courses in Fall and Spring semesters that would allow students to graduate in 2 years with an Associate of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies and potentially transfer to a university. Please refer to a degree plan in the course catalog for official requirements to graduate. Students are encouraged to consult with Connors State College Student Success Coaches each semester to verify that courses selected each semester fulfill the degree plan and satisfy the student’s educational goals.

First SemesterHours
ENGL 1113English Composition I3
MATH 1523Modeling and Functions, OR
Any course designated (A)
EDUC 1111
EDUC 1113
College Orientation, OR
Strategies for Success
POLS 1113American Federal Government3
COMS 1133Fund. of Computer Usage, OR
Any General Education Elective

Credit Hours: 13-15

Third SemesterHours
GPS 1103General Physical Science, OR
Any course designated (N)
PSYC 1113Intro to Psychology, OR
Any General Education Elective
Any course designated (H)3
Guided Electives,
Consult with your Success Coach for options

Credit Hours: 15-16

Second SemesterHours
ENGL 1213English Composition II3
HIST 1483
HIST 1493
American Hist Survey to 1877, OR
American Hist Survey since 1877
BIOL 1114General Biology, OR
any course designated (N, L)
Any course designated (H)3
SPCH 1113Intro to Oral Comm, OR
Any General Education Elective

Credit Hours: 16-17

Fourth SemesterHours
Guided Electives,
Consult with your Success Coach for options

Credit Hours: 14-16


Graduation Requirements: Students are responsible for adhering to all policies, procedures, and regulations of Connors State College, including the responsibility for meeting all graduation requirements and for checking their degree check for accuracy. Student Success Coaches and faculty members may not substitute, waive or exempt students from any established requirement or academic standard. While these advisors make every effort to provide accurate and current information, all advising information regarding coursework, academic progress, and graduation is considered unofficial. The Connors State Registrar’s office is the official and final authority for all program, degree, and graduation requirements. It is strongly recommended for students to enroll in a minimum of 15 hours each semester, and students should obtain a graduation check upon the completion of 30 credit hours.

Minimum Hours for Graduation: Each degree program requires a specific minimum number of semester credit hours for graduation, as indicated in the college catalog. No student shall be permitted to graduate having completed fewer total hours than the requirement specified for that degree.

Grade-Point Average for Graduation: A retention/graduation grade point average of 2.00 or higher is required for all courses in which a student has a recorded grade, excluding any courses repeated or reprieved and excluding remedial courses and physical education activity courses.