Most Valuable Cowboy


Connors State College is committed to building futures one at a time as we promote excellence in our community and the global society.


Connors State College builds on a tradition and fosters innovation to ensure that we are the college of choice for university transfer education, degree completion, workforce, and community development.


Integrity- Connors State College cultivates an environment defined by the highest ethical standards characterized by honesty, respect, fairness, adherence to shared values, accountable stewardship, and the free exchange of ideas.

Quality- Connors State College sets high standards of individual excellence to ensure responsive and challenging learning opportunities for the communities we serve.

Service- at Connors State College we elevate and value the wellbeing of others, providing a safe campus community and opportunities to serve the needs of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, community, state, and nation.

Inclusivity- Acknowledging that diversity enriches our intellectual and professional community, Connors State College actively promotes diversity and inclusion, so that everyone feels recognized, welcomed, and respected in our college community.

Excellence- Connors State College encourages excellence by creating high expectations for achievement through building our legacy and providing rigorous and lifelong learning opportunities.