Academic Information

Graduation from college is not automatic.  Students must apply for graduation during their last semester at Connors.  To meet
graduation requirements, the last 15 hours and credit of a degree must be completed at Connors.  Sophomores who expect to graduate should get a
degree check in the Registrar’s Office prior to pre-registering for their final semester.  Students must enroll in EDUC 2300 Outcomes Assessment (no
charge for this course) their final semester.

Degrees and Certificates

Requirements for all Degrees

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science

Associate of Applied Science

College Certificate of Achievement

Graduation Requirements

Two-year Graduation Plan

Vo-Tech school and College

Articulation Agreement

Degrees and Certificates

Connors State College recognizes successful completion of a degree program by
awarding an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied
Science Degree. Students who complete an Associate Degree (AA, AS) or Associate
of Applied Science Degree (AAS) and have completed all requirements for the
Certificate in the same degree program may apply for and be awarded a
Certificate of Achievement (CA).

Requirements for all Degrees

Each student candidate for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or
Associate of Applied Science degree shall:
Complete specified degree or certificate requirements with a minimum grade
point average of 2.00 (“C”).

Complete a minimum of 60 semester credit hours exclusive of a physical
education activity, military science, performance courses, and preparatory or
remedial courses (“0-level”).

Completion of the outcomes assessment requirement. Assessment results
cannot be used to prohibit graduation; the failure to participate in the
process will result in a delay in graduation until the requirement is met.

A minimum of 15 semester credit hours must be completed in residence at CSC.
Enrollment in correspondence, extension, distance education, online or
campus-based courses at other colleges concurrently with enrollment at CSC
must have the prior approval of the Vice-President for Academics and

Note: Students are subject to degree requirements
as stated in the CSC catalog current at the time of a student’s original
enrollment. This is in effect as long as a student remains continuously enrolled
(excluding summers) until graduation. When enrollment has been broken and the
student is no longer continuously enrolled, the degree requirements applicable
at the time of re-enrollment apply.

If degree requirements change while a student is continuously enrolled, the
student may elect to meet the new requirements. However, the old and the new
requirements cannot be combined.

If the student is unable to meet degree requirements because of changes
and/or omissions in academic requirements or class offerings made by Connors
State College, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange approval by the
Registrar and the Vice-President for Academics and Technology for an exception.


Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS)

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees represent the first
two years of study for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in
either arts or sciences.

Each candidate for an Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS)
degree shall take the following courses:

General Education: Satisfactorily complete a
minimum of 37 credits of general education course work as specified below: (See
General Education Degree Requirements

a. English composition

6 hours

b. American history

3 hours

c. U.S. Government

3 hours

d. Science (one course must be a lab science course)

6 – 8 hours

e. Humanities* (chosen from courses identified as Humanities)

6 hours

f. Mathematics

3 hours

g. Computer literacy

3 hours

h. One course from either psychology, social science*, foreign
language, fine arts (art, music, drama)

3 hours

i. Liberal arts and science electives

3 – 7 hours

*Courses used to fulfill general education requirements in humanities and
social science are identified in the catalog by code letters that precede the
course description. (H) = Humanities (S) = Social Science.


Program Requirements: A minimum of 23 semester
credit hours of work shall be applicable to the student’s academic
objective/major. These courses include any necessary prerequisites in the
student’s anticipated upper-division program. A majority of the credit hours
should be taken in courses classified as liberal arts and sciences.


Note: Three (3) hours of personal health and two to four (2-4) hours of
physical education are required for graduation at most four-year colleges and
universities. It is recommended that students take these classes at Connors if
they are planning to transfer to a four-year institution.


Associate of Applied Science(AAS)

The Associate of Applied Science degree represents the completion of study in
a technical/occupational program. Students earning this degree generally seek
employment following graduation. There is no guarantee that
technical/occupational courses will transfer to a baccalaureate-granting

General Education: Requires a minimum of 17
semester credit hours as follows:

a. English

3 hours

b. American history & U.S. government

6 hours

c. Selected electives (from science, math, human relation’s
management, behavioral science, economics, and communications.

8 hours

Program Requirements: Requires a minimum of 43 semester credit hours as follows:

Specialty Requirements

29 hours

Specialty Support Courses

8 hours

Specialty Related Courses

6 hours

Associate of Applied Science Graduate Performance Guarantee

The AAS graduate will be provided up to nine (9) credit hours of additional
education at and by Connors State College under the following conditions:

If the AAS graduate is judged by the initial employer to be lacking in
either academic or technical job skills identified as exit competencies by the
College for the specific degree program.

The graduate must have earned the AAS degree from Connors State College
after the spring semester of 1997 in a technical program identified in the
current college catalog.

The graduate must have completed the AAS degree from Connors State College
with the majority of the credits for the degree being earned at CSC. The
degree must have been completed within a four-year (4) time span from the date
of the first applicable degree coursework through the completion date.

Graduates must be employed full-time in an area directly related to the
area of study as certified by the Vice-President for Academics and Technology.

Employment must commence within twelve (12) months of graduation.

The employer must identify deficiencies and certify them in writing within
ninety (90) days of the graduate’s initial employment. Evidence that the
employee is lacking specific entry-level skills guaranteed by Connors State
College as part of the degree program must be included in the written

The employer, graduate, department head, Vice-President for Academics and
Technology and the appropriate faculty will develop a written educational
development plan for the student.

The education provided by Connors State College will be limited to nine
semester credit hours. These hours must be related to the identified skill
deficiency and to those classes regularly scheduled during the time period
covered by the education plan.

The educational plan must be completed within three semesters from the time
the plan is identified.

The graduate and/or employer is responsible for the cost of books,
insurance, uniforms, fees, room and board, tools, and other possible
course-related expenses.

This Guarantee does not imply that the student will pass any licensing or
qualifying examination for a particular year.

The Guarantee process can be initiated by written notification from the
employer to the Vice-President of Academics and Technology, Connors State
College, Route 1 Box 1000, Warner, Oklahoma, 74469-9700.


College Certificate of Achievement (CA)

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who successfully complete
a specific list of courses with an overall grade point average of 2.00. Students
completing an Associate of Art, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied
Science degrees and who have completed all requirements for the Certificate in
the same degree program may also apply for and be awarded the College
Certificate of Achievement.

Students desiring to apply for the College Certificate of Achievement may do
so in the respective department chairperson’s office.

Each candidate for a certificate shall complete the following:

English Composition I – 3 hours.

Complete the specified courses outlined in the appropriate certificate

Maintain a 2.00 (“C”) grade point average.



Graduation Requirements

Students should obtain a degree check from the Registrar’s Office prior to
the final semester of enrollment.

Degrees are conferred only once each year during commencement exercises held
at the close of the spring semester. All degree candidates shall make
application for spring graduation by March 1. Summer or fall semester graduates
should make application for graduation during their final semester. Students
completing degree requirements in the fall or summer will have the date of
completion included on their transcripts.

Degree candidates must pay their graduation fees in the Business Office and
bring their receipt to the Registrar’s Office.

All degree candidates are expected to participate in the formal commencement
exercises held on the Warner campus.

The candidates’ diplomas will be released after commencement upon
successful completion of degree requirements and the payment of all outstanding


Two-Year Graduation Plan

Students at Connors State College may follow many diverse paths to complete
an associate’s degree. One of the options which students may elect is to
complete their degree requirements within two years of their initial freshman
enrollment. There are many reasons students may want to complete their degrees
in two years. Some want to enter the full-time workforce as soon as possible,
others are planning to continue their education and do not want to prolong
undergraduate study, and most want to save money.

With the encouragement of the Oklahoma State Board of Regents, Connors State
College has developed a plan to help students who have a desire to graduate in
two years. Students who elect to participate in Connors State College Two-Year
Graduation Plan will work closely with their advisers to make sure they know the
requirements that must be met and the appropriate sequence in which to take
courses. Connors has a long history of helping students plan for, and register
in, the courses they need to graduate in a timely manner. Students who elect to
participate in the Two-Year Graduation Plan can be assured that they can enroll
in courses allowing graduation in two years.


Conditions the Students Must Satisfy to Participate in the Plan:

Enter Connors State College as a freshman.

Choose a major that qualified for the Two-Year Plan.

Have the preparation to begin a Four-Year Plan in my major at entry to the

Stay on track by completing a minimum of one-quarter of the necessary credits
per semester.

Meet with my adviser in a timely manner to discuss progress toward graduation
and register.

Enroll in available courses needed for my program or study considering that
any specific course may not be available at the time or semester in which I
would prefer to take it.

Accept responsibility for monitoring my own progress and understanding advice
given by my adviser so that I stay on track toward graduation in two years.

Change majors only if at the time of the change I can still meet all
requirements within two years.

Remain in good academic standing as determined by the department and college.

Accept responsibility for timely annual applications for all necessary
financial assistance.

Notify in writing the department heads prior to the beginning of classes in
the term in which the course is needed that graduation may be delayed due to the
unavailability of a course.

In the event that the college does not satisfy the commitments made herein,
and the student is unable to graduate on schedule due to the unavailability of a
course (or courses), the department and college will choose one of the

Allow the student to graduate in two years by substituting a different
course (or courses), as determined by the department and the college for the
unavailable course(s).

Allow the student to graduate in two years by substituting an independent
study assignment, as determined by the department and the college.

Allow the student to graduate in two years by waiving the requirement to be
met by the unavailable course (or courses), as determined by the department
and the college.

Allow the unavailability of a course (or courses) to delay the student from
graduating in two years, in which case, the college will pay the tuition for
the student to make the unavailable course(s) in a later term.

These procedures shall constitute the exclusive remedy for the Two-Year
Graduation Plan Agreement. Connors State College is under no obligation to
provide these adjustments unless the student submits a written request for
accommodation to the Vice President for Academic Services and Technology prior
to the beginning of classes in the last term of the student’s Two-Year Plan.


Vocational-Technical School and College Agreement

High school students attending a state vocational-technical school and
enrolled in courses offered through a cooperative agreement with adult students
may earn college credit in those courses previously approved as part of the
agreement under the conditions listed below:

Sign a Declaration of Intent while enrolled at a participating
vocational-technical school indicating plans to attend the participating high
education institution. Each institution will maintain copies of these
declaration documents.

Complete the same projects and examinations as their adult counterparts in
the same cooperative agreement program.

Achieve a minimum grade average of “B” in all course work.

Graduate from high school and be admitted to the participating higher
education institution.

Credit earned will be posted on the students’ official college transcript
as either “S” or “P” after successful completion of twelve
(12) or more resident semester hours at the participating higher education

Students have a maximum of two years after high school graduation to apply
for cooperative agreement credit.

High school students taking non-technical courses including general
education courses must meet the participating higher educational institution’s
admission standards.

Adult students whose high school class has graduated may earn college credit
in this program under the following conditions:

By simultaneously enrolling in vocational-technical courses and
participating college courses.

Automatically receiving college credit upon successful completion of
vocational-technical courses that are approved for college credit as outlined
in the cooperative agreement.


Articulation Agreement

In April 1994, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education adopted the
Policy Statement on Undergraduate Degree Requirements and Articulation. In
accordance with this policy, students who complete either an Associate of Arts
or Associate of Science degree at Connors State College “may transfer into
a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree program at any senior
institution of the State System and be assured of completing their program in
sequential fashion.”

The Policy Statement on Undergraduate Degree Requirements and Articulation
states that the general education core curriculum in the Associate of Arts or
Associate of Science degree at CSC will apply directly toward the lower division
general education requirements at any state system university or college in
Oklahoma. It might be necessary for some students to take additional lower
division courses in general education to meet minimum professional certification
requirements (example: teacher certification).

Students are advised to obtain the official catalog of the college or
university to which they plan to transfer. Each college’s catalog provides
important information about its admission policies and academic program

It is the student’s responsibility to take the proper courses required for
transfer or for completion of an Associate Degree. Students should carefully
review this catalog and consult with an advisor to make sure they have met all
the necessary course requirements.