Registration Requirements

Students are not registered until they have paid
their tuition and fees or arrangements to pay have been made in the Business

Registration Hours Requirements General Applicants
Transfer Students Returning Students Home Study Schools
Non-Degree Seeking Students Concurrent Enrollment Academic Information

Registration Hours

Warner – Day 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Muskogee – Day 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Muskogee – Night 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Entry Level Assessment

All first-time students seeking admission into degree programs are required
to participate in entry-level assessment. The purpose of assessment is to assist
faculty and counselors in making decisions that will give students the best
possible chance of success in attaining their educational goals. Assessment is
required in four subject areas: English, math, reading and science. All remedial
courses must be completed within the first 24 credit hours.

Course Placement

Connors uses course placement to maximize student’s success in attaining
their academic goals. All students, including transfer students, must establish
proficiency in English, math, reading and science before they will be allowed to
take college credit courses in those areas. Students must also be proficient in
reading before being allowed in any English course.

All Applicants

New students and students who have not attended Connors in the past 12 months
must complete an Application for Admission. The following additional
requirements must also be completed.

Admission Requirements

The admission criteria set below reflect standards established by the
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Students are not officially
admitted until all required documents are on file in the Registrar’s Office.

Prospective students who falsify their admission information will be subject
to dismissal.

All incoming freshmen and transfer students must have the following
information and/or documents on file in the Registrar’s Office.

General Applicants


All new students and students who have not attended Connors in the past
twelve (12) months must complete an Application for Admission. The following
additional information is also needed:


First-time College Students

  • Students age twenty (20) and younger (high school class must have graduated)

An official high school transcript with date of graduation or last date of attendance.

ACT or SAT scores.

Computerized Placement Test (CPT) scores if ACT sub-scores are less than 19 or if SAT is used.

  • Students aged 21 or older.

Official high school transcript with date of graduation or last attendance.

Computerized Placement Test (CPT) scores (may use ACT if subscores are 19 or above), or voluntary remediation.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are defined as students with more than six (6) attempted
credit hours, excluding preparatory or pre-college work and excluding credit
hours accumulated by concurrent enrollment.

The following documents and procedures are required:

Official transcript(s) from all colleges attended.

An official high school transcript if student has earned fewer than 24 credit hours.

Verification of proficiency in English, mathematics, reading and science by:

  • ACT or CPT scores, or
  • Successful completion of preparatory or college level course work.
  • Fulfillment of high school curricular requirements within the first 12 hours of enrollment. (See Non-High School Graduates//Graduates Lacking Curricular Requirements.)

International transfer students must have attended
accredited, English-speaking colleges or universities for a minimum of 24
semester credit hours with passing grades and meet other transfer requirements.

Students Suspended from Other Institutions

Suspended students from other institutions may be admitted to CSC provided
the following conditions are met:

  • Provide a current official transcript from the transferring institution prior to enrollment.
  • Take the Computerized Placement Test (CPT), if necessary.
  • Enroll under the guidance of an admissions counselor.

Admission will be on a probationary basis. Retention standards (See
Information Section) must be maintained or the student will
be placed on Academic Suspension and may not be reinstated until one regular
semester (fall or spring) has elapsed. Contact the Registrar’s Office
(918-463-2931) for detailed information or guidance.

Returning Students

(Students who have not attended Connors during the past 12 months)

Official transcript(s) from all college attended since last attending

Verification of proficiency in English, mathematics, reading and science by:

  • ACT or CPT scores.
  • Successful completion of preparatory or college-level course work in those four areas.


Home Study or Non-Recognized Accredited High Schools

Individuals who are graduates of private, parochial or other non-public high
schools that are not regionally or state-accredited are eligible for admission
under the following criteria:

  • The students’ equivalent public high school class must have graduated.
  • They must participate in the American College Testing Program (ACT).
  • Demonstrate curricular proficiency(ies).

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Non-degree seeking students are permitted to enroll in up to nine (9) college
credit hours without submitting academic credentials or meeting curricular
proficiencies. Should the students decide to enroll in additional coursework
above the nine-hour limit they are required to meet the formal admission or
transfer criteria as outlined in the Admission Requirements section.

Concurrent Enrollment – High School Juniors and Seniors

High school seniors from accredited high schools and non-accredited private
or non-public high schools may concurrently enroll provided:

  • Seniors – Have an ACT composite score than places them in the 46th percentile using Oklahoma norms.
  • Juniors – Have an ACT composite score which places them in the 90th percentile using Oklahoma norms.
  • Meet the criteria for admission.
  • Are enrolled less than full-time in high school (fewer than six (6) credit courses per semester), as attested by their high school principal.
  • Are eligible to satisfy graduation requirements from high school (including the curricular requirements for college admission) no later than the spring of their senior year, as attested by the high school principal.

Concurrently enrolled students may not enroll in a combined number of high
school and college courses per semester that exceed a full-time college load of
19 semester credit hours. For the purposes of calculating a workload, one high
school credit course is equivalent to one three credit hour semester college

Students who are otherwise eligible under this policy may enroll in a maximum
of nine (9) college credit hours during a summer session following the end of
their junior year of high school, without being concurrently enrolled in high
school classes during the summer term.

Students may enroll only in those curricular areas where they have
demonstrated competency and have met the curricular requirements for admission.
Students can only take classes in areas that their ACT sub scores meet or exceed
19. Concurrently enrolled students are not allowed to enroll in any zero-level
preparatory courses designed to remove high school curricular requirements
and/or establish competency in any subject areas. Concurrent high school
students may not participate in secondary testing to establish proficiency in
any areas.

Academic Information

Registration: Registration (the selection of classes)
is conducted prior to the beginning of classes each semester. Dates and times
that students can register are published in the current class schedule. Although
advisors or faculty members may assist students in registering for classes and
approve their registration forms, students are ultimately responsible for their
registration in appropriate classes. Tuition must be paid in the Business Office
by the date given in the current class schedule before registration is complete.

Late Registration: Students are permitted to register
late (a fee is charged) for up to two (2) weeks in a fall or spring semester and
up to four (4) days in a summer session.

Deadlines for registration in a class on a time schedule not outlined above
are determined proportional to the full-term for that class.

No students are allowed to enroll after the Last Day to Enroll date
found in the current class schedule.

Changes in Registration: Students can register only one
time. Class schedule changes must be done through the drop/add process in the
Registrar’s Office at either campus location. The current class schedule will
note the correct procedures and time periods for drop/add. These changes must be
done in person at the Registrar’s Office at either campus location.

Students who decide not to attend Connors after registering must formally
withdraw from all classes before the end of late registration to avoid tuition

Students’ registration is not official until the following steps are

  • All requirements for admission are submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
  • An approved schedule of classes, signed by an advisor is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Tuition and fees are paid in the Business Office.

Failure to complete the steps above before the last day to enroll for a
semester, as listed in the current class schedule, will cancel the registration.