Education and Technology Resources

Accredited Online Colleges vs. Non Accredited Online Courses

When choosing and applying to post-secondary programs, it can be quite easy to be swayed by the perks and attractions they offer. Before getting lured by the irresistible environments they paint, it is a wise idea to do some research and find out about their accreditation and the quality of their programs and staff

Calibrated Peer Review

Web-based program that enables frequent writing assignments even in large classes with limited instructional resources. In fact, CPR can reduce the time an instructor now spends reading and assessing student writing.

Campus Alberta Repository for Educational Objects (CAREO)

CAREO is a project that has as its primary goal the creation of a searchable, Web-based collection of multidisciplinary teaching materials for educators across the province and beyond.

Campus Technology

This monthly e-publication carries articles and features on the use of technology across all areas of higher education: eLearning and course management systems; presentation technologies; communication, portal, and security solutions, etc.

Chronicle of Higher Education, Information Technology section

Similar to Higher Learning, but tends to cover headline stories more than practical applications

Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education (CITE)

Established by SITE as a multimedia, interactive counterpart of the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education.  Funded by the U.S. Department of Education Preparing Tomorrow’s Teacher to Use Technology (PT3) catalyst grant, CITE makes possible the inclusion of sound, animated images, and simulation, as well as allowing for ongoing, immediate dialog about theoretical issues.

Educational Technology Review (ETR)

Originally a print journal, now an online publication with circulation 30,000+.  Covers issues and applications of educational technology in all learning environments; provides information about and quick access to electronic resources and tools available on the AACE website, and forum for AACE members to exchange information between disciplines, educational levels, and information technologies.


Has a teaching, learning and technology resource page, which can be searched by topic.

EDUCAUSE Quarterly Online

A practitioner’s journal on planning, developing, managing, using, and evaluating information resources and technology in higher education.

Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)

MERLOT is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected here along with annotations such as peer reviews and assignments.

National Science Digital Library (NSDL)

The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) was created by the National Science Foundation to provide organized access to high quality resources and tools that support innovations in teaching and learning at all levels of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Group

Has a resources link on most of its pages which leads to a collection of articles, workshops etc.

World Lecture Hall

Your entry point to free online course materials from around the world.