Connors State College Fun eCamp

Saddle up to the digital world.
Fun eCamp offers a crash course into the foundational aspects of technology.
From physical to digital, this camp provides an elevated introduction to computers.
The camp in its entirety is provided and hosted at Connors State College, as part of our mission to build excellent futures.
Break Into Tech
We’ll be covering computer hardware, networking, and programming. Grasp a core understanding of computers through practical, hands-on experience.
Each Day Certified
Take on a tech topic each day in this 3 day camp. Connors State College awards certification for participation and completing each day’s topic.
All Completely Free
We’re absolutely excited to offer this camp as an entryway to the technological world. Our camp leaders have crafted each day with fun and collaboration in mind for any skill level.
Meet your camp leaders:
Hardware Day >

Calvin, CompTIA A+ Certified and Computer Desktop Admin guides you through:

  • Computer builds
  • Computer part functionality
  • Troubleshooting Competition
Networking Day >

Michael, Connors State College and Warner Public Schools IT Technician guides you through:

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Hosting Your Own Server (Website, Minecraft)
  • Cybersecurity Basics
Programming Day >

Steven, Math Instructor and Python Enthusiast guides you through:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Programming Applications
  • Python Programming Essentials