Equipment List

Agricultural Equine Lab Equipment List
1 Large flat back bucket (with bucket strap or hook to hang in stall with)
1 Sweet iron O-Ring bit with 3” rings
1 Work type harness leather headstall (Browband type)
1 Pair of 5/8” or ¾” harness leather reins 7’ or longer
1 Harness leather training fork (minimum of 14” forks)
1 Western saddle (with back cinch)
2 Wool blankets or pad combination
1 Pair splint boots in small or medium size (ex. Professional’s Choice sports
medicine boot)
1- 2 Super Heavy duty 1” wide nylon lead ropes with large bull snaps
2 25’ 5/8” or ¾” cotton rope drive lines with large bull snaps
1 Shedding blade
1 Sweat scrapper
1 Hard bristled grooming brush
1 Soft bristled grooming brush
1 Round rubber grooming tool
1 Mane and Tail grooming brush
1 Hoof pick (one with a brush on the end is very useful
A bottle of mane and tail conditioning spray (ex. Show Sheen or Cowboy Magic)
*The Oster or Smart Groom grooming kits are great for students that do not already have supplies
** It is a good idea to have something to store all of your loose tack and grooming supplies in. Such as a medium sized tack box or storage bin with a lid
***We suggest that you wait until you arrive at CSC before you purchase any equipment you do not already have. DO BRING YOUR HALTERS AND LEAD ROPES AS WELL AS YOUR SADDLES TO BE CHECKED AT THE ONSET OF CLASS.