About the CowboyCard

The CowboyCard is the official identification card for all Faculty, Staff, and Students of Connors State College.

Connors State College has introduced a new multifunctional CowboyCard for all students, faculty and staff members. This technologically advanced card provides photo identification, access control, and cashless payments at the bookstore.  The new Money Network® Enabled Discover® Prepaid Campus ID Card enables students to receive access and manage their student aid funds with a prepaid account integrated with the CowboyCard. This card can be used everywhere Discover is accepted worldwide – at ATMs, stores, online, and more.

The dual purpose card has two magnetic strips on the back to make access to campus resources more convenient: 


  • The narrow stripe at the top with the hologram enables students, faculty and staff access to funds in their Money Network Account by making purchases everywhere Discover is accepted and to use ATMs.                                                                                                  
  •  The wider stripe at the bottom is used for campus functions and transactions allowed by the College.

More information is available at the My Campus Funds Website