New Employees

Welcome to Connors State College!

To make the transition to your new position here at CSC easier, we have compiled a list of instructions for gaining access to the systems required to perform your job duties here at CSC.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the CSC IT Systems Department using the contact information at the bottom of this page.


Technology Access
Getting Started


To begin your career at CSC, you must first activate your C-Key account.

NOTE: Your information must have been processed by Payroll in order to proceed.

  1. Obtain your C-Key Account Activation PIN from HR.
  2. Visit the C-Key website, select the “Connors Account Activation” button, and follow the instructions.
  3. Once activated, please allow 15-30 minutes for your account information to populate across all the various systems here at CSC.
  4. Login to the system you wish with your new C-Key credentials!

NOTE: Some systems may require you to wait overnight in order to fully fully access each aspect of the system. If you cannot access a given system or area of a system after waiting overnight, please contact the CSC Helpdesk.


(E-mail, SIS, and Web for Employees Access)


C-Key Information and FAQs



SCT is used for mainframe access to OSU and is typically assigned in three areas:

  • FRS – Financial Records

  • HRS – Human Resources

  • SIS – Student Information

Once your information is in the system at OSU, you will receive an Operator ID used to access SCT. You may contact the CSC IT Systems Department to obtain your Operator ID, however, your Operator ID alone does not grant you access to any respective SCT system. Unless your job prerequisites require access to one of these three systems, you may not have the required access privileges to login to SCT. Please contact your supervisor if you believe you need access to any respective SCT system for which you currently do not have access.

To obtain further information about SCT login credentials for the three respective systems, please contact the helpdesk.

Once you obtain your SCT login credentials, you may download and setup the required software by following the instructions at the following link. Once you setup and configure the software, you may login by using the following commands:

  • Open QWS3270 Software

  • Select the appropriate Session Name (typically

  • Push the “Connect” button

  • At the following prompt,


    type “sctpcsc” (for SIS), “sctp” (for FRS and HRS)

    and press enter key

  • Press the “Pause” button on the keyboard

  • Type “zctl” and press enter key

  • At the following prompts,

    System Number?,

    type “001” (for SIS), “002” (for FRS), or “003” (for HRS),

    Your Operator Number?,

    type your four-digit Operator ID,

    Your Password?,

    type your password

    and press enter key

  • You should now have access to the respective SCT system.


Faculty and Staff Documents


We currently have an online depository for faculty and staff documents and instructions on the CSC Website located here.


Phone: 918-463-6223

Fax: 918-463-6316


Web: Help Desk

Walk-In: 2nd Floor, Administration Building, Warner Campus (Located East of Melvin Self Fieldhouse)