Equine Science

Equine Science
The Agricultural Equine Program at Connor State College prepares its graduates for a career in the equine industry. After completing a two-year program a student will obtain and associates degree and have the opportunity to transfer to a university, or be employed as assistant trainers, breeders, or managers.

CSC’s program consists of theory classes that include anatomy, breeding, management, and marketing. Students also acquire hands-on experience during daily riding and training labs. The CSC equine program students will also assist in developing undergraduate research projects.

As an entering freshman, students will begin with four weeks of Western equitation, and then train one unbroken colt per session, during three sessions throughout the school year. Each student will be assigned a horse to be trained solely by them with help from qualified instructors. All of the horses utilized by the equine program are owned by trainers and breeders throughout the nation.

The first semester as a sophomore begins with four weeks of English equitation. This period is followed by an advanced training session on a colt that has previously been through a colt starting session at CSC. The last two sessions will include one more colt starting session and one more advanced session.

Career Opportunities
Some possible avenues for professional activities after graduation in __________________ include:

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Student Opportunities
Shotgun Shooting Sports Club

  • The CSC Shotgun Shooting Sports Club is one of the most active clubs on campus, hosting weekly 5-stand or trap and skeet shoots open to all club members and guests. The club includes students, faculty and staff, and is very active in fundraising and FFA/4H shooting events. Participants in the club have an opportunity to learn six separate shooting sports, including: International Skeet and Trap, American Skeet and Trap, Five-Stand, and Sporting Clays.
  • Many four-year schools within the state offer shooting sports clubs for CSC Shotgun Shooting Sports Members to continue their pursuit of competitive shooting as they continue their education. Schools with shooting sports clubs in the state include OSU, OU, and TU.

Shotgun Shooting Sports Team

  • The CSC Shotgun Shooting Sports Team is composed of the best shooters from the Shooting Sports Club. Team members travel to multiple ACUI shooting competitions (listed below) throughout the region each semester.
  • Ten scholarships will be available each semester for those students that qualify.

Degree Plan
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Agricultural Equine Lab Equipment List
  • 1 Large flat back bucket (with bucket strap or hook to hang in stall with)
  • 1 Sweet iron O-Ring bit with 3” rings
  • 1 Work type harness leather headstall (Browband type)
  • 1 Pair of 5/8” or ¾” harness leather reins 7’ or longer
  • 1 Harness leather training fork (minimum of 14” forks)
  • 1 Western saddle (with back cinch)
  • 2 Wool blankets or pad combination
  • 1 Pair splint boots in small or medium size (ex. Professional’s Choice sports
    medicine boot)
  • 1- 2 Super Heavy duty 1” wide nylon lead ropes with large bull snaps
  • 2 25’ 5/8” or ¾” cotton rope drive lines with large bull snaps
  • 1 Shedding blade
  • 1 Sweat scrapper
  • 1 Hard bristled grooming brush
  • 1 Soft bristled grooming brush
  • 1 Round rubber grooming tool
  • 1 Mane and Tail grooming brush
  • 1 Hoof pick (one with a brush on the end is very useful
  • A bottle of mane and tail conditioning spray (ex. Show Sheen or Cowboy Magic)