Internships in Agriculture fields

Internship Kendall Golden - Longwood Garden Kennett Square, PA
Kendall Golden – Longwood Garden Kennett Square, PA

One thing the world is always going to need is food, and with a rapidly increasing population, we have to consider how we’re going to address needs such as this one. Agriculture internships will introduce you to questions like these, and you’ll find yourself learning all kinds of new and useful information. Agriculture interns will also have the opportunity to explore the different kinds of careers in the field, such as food scientist and environmental analyst. Almost any career can have an environmental focus, and you’re putting yourself at a distinct advantage by pursuing an internship in the agriculture industry. In addition, large employment growth in the field is projected due to advances in technology and the need for continuing research in the area. You can find one of many agriculture internships at places like the USDA, where student positions are offered year-round and are paid based on your level of experience. Internships in agriculture can also take place on farms, where you will learn more about sustainable agriculture principles and gain advice from farming experts. Public gardens and industry offer Horticulture internships. Newspapers, Radio stations and magazines offer internships in communications.

With an internship experience, you’ll end up with more knowledge and a better sense of what you want to do within this vast industry. As an intern in agriculture, you’ll literally be helping to save the planet and the people that inhabit it. So enjoy searching through the agriculture internships and find the one that fits your interests best.

Sam Bynum - Myriad Gardens
Sam Bynum Intern at Myriad Gardens

Employers and universities recommend that students serve at least 2-3 internships before college graduation.  There are opportunities at Connors State College and at most universities to receive college credit for your internship, as well.  See your advisor about earning credit BEFORE you start your internship. Internships can be as long as a several weeks to a few months or as long as a year.