Comedian Makes Students and Staff Roll Out of Their Seats

Comedian Ron G of Los Angeles had a crowd of 300 CSC students, faculty, and staff laughing throughout his one-hour and 15-minute show at the CSC Fine Arts Auditorium on August 16.

G’s show was the highlight of the week long welcome back activities for students on the Warner and Muskogee Campuses.

G, who hit 90 campuses last year, with his high energy and fast-paced show, was in Oklahoma for the first time. he had two dates scheduled in the Sooner State. The first was at Connors State College and the next was at Northeastern State University. Following his NSU performance, he was headed to Philadelphia for a show at the Laugh House.

“I had a ball, the kids were amazing,” said G, following his performance. “Last year I made 90 college campuses and was named college comic of the year. I took the summer off and this was my first show back.”

“This was my first time in Oklahoma and I was pulled over by the police the first 10 minutes I was here. I was pulled over for going 32 in a 25 MPH zone. The officer even knew my name, which was funny, but I had a great time. “He didn’t give me a ticket,” said G laughing. “He just told me to slow down.”

The South Carolina University finance major said he builds his act around personal and family experiences over the years. “Everything that I said in the act was an extension of my life,” said G. “The things that I said about my Dad occurred. And, even though the people that hurt you the most can change your life, you can still heal from it. Once you heal from it, you can then make fun of it,” said G.

One of the highlights of the show was G and his interaction with an interpreter who was using sign language to a group of students who were in attendance at the front of the stage.

“That wasn’t planned,” said G. “She was making me laugh with all her signing. Every time that she would do a sign I would think…What?”

“I had a great time with her. She was a great sport,” said G.

G wasn’t the only one who was having a great time. Interpreter Eileen Thomas of Checotah said she was worried about how to sign his show, “but he was real animated and it made it real easy to sign for him,” said Thomas.

Thomas said this was a first for her, a career that has spanned 30 years. “It was really neat and really neat for the deaf kids,” said Thomas. “They got to see him interact with me. I sign for a lot of things, but this was a first. “It was a lot of fun.”

G’s performance was a hit with the students and all their comments were along the same line as freshman Justin Baker of Warner when he said, “It was a hilarious show. It was a fun time. It was awesome.”