Connors State Announces 2nd 8-Weeks Courses Now Available for Spring 2024


Connors State College is happy to announce the courses available to students throughout the 2nd 8-weeks of the semester.

The following classes are available:

SubjectCourseLocationCreditClass title
AGED2011WAR1Topics & Issues In Ag Education
BIOL1324ONL4Anatomy & Physiology II
CHDV1113ONL3Professional Preparation I
CHDV2583ONL3Supervisor Management
COMS1533ONL3Spreadsheet Analysis
EDUC1111ONL1College Orientation
EDUC1111ONL1College Orientation
EDUC1113ONL3Strategies For Success
HLTH1113ONL3Personal Health
HIST1493ONL3Amer. Hist. Survey Since 1877
HORT2613ONL3Woody Plant Materials
HUMN2113ONL3Gen Humanities: Ancient World/Mid Ages
NREM1113ONL3Elements Of Forestry
POLS1113ONL3American Federal Government
PSYC1113ONL3Introduction to Psychology
SPCH1113ONL3Intro To Oral Communication

For more information on enrolling, schedule an appointment with our Student Success Coaches! Contact the advising offices at 918-463-2931.