Enrollment Set to Begin

Enrollment for the minimesters, summer intersession and fall 2012 semester is getting set to begin. Students may enroll at the Muskogee West Campus on Shawnee Avenue or the Main Campus in Warner. General enrollment for all students begins on April 4, 2012. Connors State College will also be offering a new opportunity for our current CSC students. Priority Enrollment for students who meet the following criteria can begin enrollment on March 29-30. They must be current CSC students (enrolled in the spring 2012 semester) who have or will have 45 or more graduation/retention credits by the end of Spring 2012 Semester. The other priority enrollment will take place on April 2-3 and eligible students must be current CSC students (enrolled in Spring 2012 semester) who have or will have 30 more graduation/retention credits by the end of the spring 2012 semester.  President of Connors State College, Dr. Tim Faltyn said, “In order to best serve our students, we are offering day, night and online classes. Whether you are a traditional student or an adult student, our academic advisors can build a schedule to meet your needs.” Advisors are available at both campuses to assist students in the enrollment process. All students should begin the process in the Admissions Office. First time CSC students and returning CSC students who have not attended in the past year must have a permit to enroll form before seeing an advisor.

Connors State College has many Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree options. Some of the degree plans we offer are:  Agriculture, Business Administration, Child Care Administration, General Studies, Pre-Education, Pre-Nursing, and Psychology. A complete list and detailed descriptions can be found on our website at www.connorsstate.edu.

New schedules will be available on March 26, 2012 at the three CSC campuses – two in Muskogee and the Main Campus in Warner. Schedules will also be posted online at www.connorsstate.edu. For any questions please call Warner- (918) 463-6300 or Muskogee-(918) 687-5405.