Final Grades

Your final grades for the fall term will not be mailed.   In an effort to make sure you get them as soon as possible, we have made it possible for you to access your grades through the CSC website, SIS.    If we would mail grades, they would not be available to you until January 8.   This way, as soon as grades are put in, you can immediately see what you have earned.   Please be advised of a few things:


  • If you owe money on your account for this term and/or have a hold, your grades will not be released until the holds are removed.  In addition, you will be unable to view your grades.
  • To access your grades, you will need your CSC student ID number and your six digit PIN we gave you to activate your CKey account.
  • Click on , enter your CSC student ID number and then your six-digit PIN.  If you have forgotten your six-digit PIN, you can receive it, in person, in the Admissions Office, or you can email from your email address you provided us at the time of enrollment requesting your PIN number.  
  • For security reasons, we will not release your PIN and CSC student ID number together.   Your student ID number is located on the back of your CSC student ID card or you can locate it at the top of your class schedule.


Don’t wait until you leave for break and request your PIN number!   Our offices will be closed December 21 through January 2nd.