CSC Introduces New Simulation Lab Equipment

Connors State College recently introduced its first Simulation Lab to cover all aspects of modern nursing education. Leading the simulation lab is Clinical Instructor, Sheri Todd. The lab is located at the Muskogee Port Campus, where Tahlequah nursing students are able to use the lab also. This will be the first year the lab is available all four semesters.

“The Nursing Anne Simulator is the first nursing simulator to cover every aspect of modern nursing education, and offers safe and realistic practice on core nursing skills,” said Fabiela Kemble, CSC SIM lab coordinator. “The instructor analyzes harder situations to give the students more hands on experience that they would not be able to experience out of a text book.”

Some of the realistic care procedures includes NG tubes, complete urinary catheterization, CPR training, and Bilateral assessments.

Alongside the Nursing Anne Simulator, the facility offers a SimBaby, a tetherless simulator designed to help healthcare providers effectively recognize and respond to critically ill pediatric patients.

Connors was the first facility in the state to have a SimBaby in company with the Laedral’s Nursing Simulation. “Her name is PonkaWi Connor which means ‘little girl’ in Ponca,” said Kemble. “She simulates a 9-month-old pediatric patient and is highly realistic.”

The simulator offers realistic critical situations that help prepare nurses for real-life events. Some of the situations include compensated shock due to dehydration, compensated shock due to sepsis, and moderate viral croup. It contains realistic anatomy to ensure students perform correct procedures while doing CPR.

Kemble said she is ready for the implementation of all four semesters in the simulation lab, which also includes the Tahlequah nursing students.

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