NRA Grant for Shooting Sports Team

Connors State College recently received a grant from the National Rifle Association Foundation to support the CSC Shotgun Shooting Sports Team. The $5,575 grant will be used to purchase clay targets, as well as expand the Connors Shooting Sports Facility with an additional trap house east of the current space.
Sierra Walker, who has taken the reins as coach of the Connors Shotgun Shooting Sports Team this year, addressed the advantages this grant will provide.
“The trap house will not only benefit the shooting sports team by allowing us to practice on different tasks at the same time, but will also allow us to have larger participation in the youth shoots we host,” Walker said.
Currently, Connors hosts around 250 competitors from across the state over a four-day tournament each semester for student FFA teams and regularly has to turn away teams wishing to compete. The expansion will allow for the opportunity to almost double the number of teams who can compete in the program.
Walker is also excited about how the additional facility will open up the opportunity for the CSC team to practice for a wider variety of competition categories.
“This extra house will also allow us to obtain a different thrower which will give us a larger range of events we can practice for, such as double trap and wobble. This will only help us to perfect our abilities as a team in multiple events,“ Walker said.