High Attendance at CSC College Fair

The Muskogee Area-Wide College Fair hosted by Connors State College on September 27th was a huge success with over 550 high school seniors and 40 institutions in attendance. Counselors from Hulbert to Sallisaw brought their seniors to the CSC campus. President of Connors State College, Dr. Timothy Faltyn stated, “Familiarity breeds success. The more we can provide opportunities for students to be on and around any college campus, the better our chances of changing people’s lives for the better. Our confidence in the Connors’ brand of education, affords us the opportunity to provide this service. It’s really just one part of our mission to serve our students and our community. Regardless of what college or university students attend, we believe it’s important that they be exposed to as many opportunities to advance their education as possible. All boats rise in a situation like this.”

All boats rise in a situation like this
Dr. Timothy Faltyn – President

Fran Bewley, Sallisaw High School Counselor commented, “I greatly appreciate Connors hosting this event because due to the economic situation it is not feasible for my students to visit all of these colleges.  This fair allows my students to meet with their top three college choices all in one place.” Bewley also added, “It is not only a great deal for the students, but it is an excellent opportunity for Connors to get students on campus and get them familiar with the school.”

This fair allows my students to meet with their top three college choices all in one place

Fran Bewley – Sallisaw High School Counselor

This event was organized by the recruitment office and was held in the Melvin Self Fieldhouse Gymnasium. The recruitment staff had lots of help from the PLC, UGL, the men’s basketball team and SODEXO.  Logan Knapper, Director of Recruitment said, “The College fair is needed in order to introduce new opportunities to the students in the surrounding communities. Not a lot of them have means of finding out the perks of college until they attend a college fair. The PLC students volunteer their time to help assist with the fair, as well as view universities that they may be interested in transferring to after Connors. The staff looks forward to the fair because it brings new faces on campus from colleges along with prospective students. Also, without the help of all involved the event would not be possible, so I am thankful for the generosity of CSC.”

If you are interested in participating in future college fairs or would like a tour at Connors State College, please contact the recruitment office:

Marcia Hicks– (918) 463-6270