Crime Statistics


The safety and security of students, faculty and staff is a College priority. CSC’s Campus Security works with other departments within the College to maintain a safe and secure environment for the more than 2500 students attending CSC’s three locations. This large campus community shares the same concerns, problems, and opportunities for crime as local communities. To deter crime and keep CSC’s campuses safe, students and staff must be aware of persons to contact in an emergency, campus support services, and crime prevention methods. The following sections outline safety and support services available at CSC.

Campus Security

CSC’s Campus Security officers are vested with full Cleet Certification. Officers are trained at the Council of Law Enforcement, Education, and Training and have additional training in firearms, first aid, and legal procedures. CSC’s Campus Security has an excellent relationship with city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in its jurisdiction.Campus Security officers are responsible for crime reports, emergencies, traffic accidents, and enforcement of laws regulating under-age drinking, the use of controlled substances, weapons, and other incidents which require police assistance.

Investigations and Crime Prevention Unit

The Investigations and Crime Prevention Unit of the Department has experienced significant success in reducing crime in the CSC campus community. Listed below are some of the steps this unit takes to keep students and staff safe.

  1. 8-hour campus patrol, including parking lots.
  2. Off-campus site patrol.
  3. Burglar alarms in strategic areas.
  4. Escort service to parked vehicles.
  5. Parking lot cruiser patrol.
  6. After hours building occupation.
  7. Crime prevention seminars for students and staff.
  8. Crime prevention tips regularly in “CSC Connection” and on campus monitors, bookmarks, and pamphlets.
  9. After hours building check in and out.
  10. Daily reports submitted to Supervisor of Campus Security.
  11. Special alerts and timely notices.
  12. Periodic inspection of grounds, lighting, and other environmental concerns.
  13. Crime log available for public viewing during regular business hours.

Campus Security works with Students Health Services, Phi Theta Kappa, the Student Association, and campus staff development committees to provide safety seminars throughout the year. Recent seminars include:

  1. Crime Prevention on the Parking Lot.
  2. How to Avoid Assault.
  3. Avoiding Date Rape.
  4. Physical and Non-Physical Response to an Attacker.

What to do if:

  1. Dealing with Violence in the Workplace.
  2. Armed Robbery.
  3. Responding to Hate Crimes.
  4. Substance Abuse.

In the event a crime is reported on campus, the Campus Security responds immediately. All reported crimes are investigated. Follow-up investigations are conducted and other law enforcement agencies are involved as necessary. Offenders are dealt with swiftly and firmly through the county court system, the City of Warner and CSC when appropriate.
Any student or staff member who sees or experiences a crime or other emergency in the CSC community should report immediately to the Campus Security. Phone numbers are displayed on the campuses. The Vice President for Student Services can also assist with contacting the Campus Security. Victim support services are available, and Campus Security works with the local police to ensure timely notice is provided to students regarding crimes reported to either police or campus security authorities and considered to represent a threat to others. The alert will aid in prevention of crime.

Crime Statistics for the CSC Community

When compared to colleges, universities, and local communities of similar size, CSC’s crime statistics are very low. Listed below is a three-year comparison of actual reported crime statistics by location on campus or on public property (streets, sidewalks, or parking lots adjacent to campus). Please note that the city police department is presently unable to synopsize crime statistics that occur on public property in the near
vicinity of campus. Instead, city police provide statistics generated from a much larger geographical area that includes a campus. This city police department will provide more realistic statistics in the future as technology improves. The following statistics reflect:

  • CSC: Crimes that were reported to the Connors State College Campus Security and which occurred on property owned and controlled by the College within the same reasonable contiguous area.
  • PD: Crimes that were reported to the city police departments having jurisdiction on all public property, including thoroughfares, streets, sidewalks, and parking facilities, that are adjacent to and accessible from the campus.
  • CSA: Crimes that were reported to other campus security authorities and which occurred on property owned and controlled by the College. Campus security authorities are defined as the Vice President of Student Services.

PLEASE NOTE: Crime reported to campus security authorities are not always reported to, or verified as having occurred, by Campus Security or city police. The numbers contained in this category also may duplicate crimes concurrently reported to the Campus Security or city police. City police statistics are provided by the cities of Muskogee and Warner, which have jurisdiction around many of our campuses, and are not independently verified by the College.

Information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained through the Warner Police Department at (918) 463-2692 or via the Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Student/Staff Responsibility in Personal and Campus Safety

  • While numerous efforts are made by the Campus Security to advise and assist students and staff of personal and campus safety measures, safety is ultimately each person’s responsibility.
  • The following simple and common sense precautions should be followed:
  • Lock your vehicle and take the keys with you.
  • Walk to your vehicle with a classmate or friend or ask a Campus Security officer to escort you to your vehicle.
  • Lock valuables in the trunk or glove box of your vehicle.
  • Report suspicious-looking individuals or unusual incidents immediately to the Campus Security by dialing:
    • Warner Campus (918) 463-6375
    • Muskogee Three Rivers Port Campus (918) 463-6375
  • The cooperation and involvement of everyone in the CSC community enhances each person’s safety and security.
  • This procedure is provided in compliance with the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 and Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC 1092), and final regulations of November 1999.