Smith Wears Many Hats at Connors State

Mary Smith, who has completed her 10th-year at Connors State College, bubbles with enthusiasm.

Smith, who is the Executive Assistant for the Vice President of Fiscal Services, is a “Jack-of-All-Trades” in her position. She wears many hats in her position.

“I handle schedules, meetings, schedule the fleet vehicles, make sure the checks get the cashiers and oversee things when we have some functions,” said Smith. “I’m pretty busy, but that’s what I like.

“I really enjoy the people at Connors, but also the student workers that I have had. Getting to know them on a personal level is important. They come back and visit and tell me how they are doing. I get to see the students up close and I really enjoy that,” said Smith.

When Mary is not in her office, which is affectionally know as the “Rock” (Business Building) on the Warner campus, she enjoys being with her husband Bill and sharing “family time.”

“I spend a lot of time with my husband. We’ve been married 28 years. We just do a lot of things together. I used to fish a lot but now we do music. We like to do karaoke around the house and with friends.’’

Mary said they have one son (Jonathan) who is 25-years-old, who is getting married next year and will be moving to Shawnee.

“We’re planning a wedding for next year and it’s going to be kind of sad,” Marry said laughing. “He’s really going to leave us. Its empty nest time.”