Student Support Services Exceed Objectives

Connors State College strives to surround its students with services they need to be successful. One of the programs on campus that helps to meet this goal is Student Support Services. SSS is a federally funded grant program that can assist qualified students with the free tutoring and transferring assistance that they need to succeed.  This is a 5-year grant cycle offered to students who meet one of the following criteria: First generation college student whose parents did not graduate with a four year degree, students with any kind of disability, or students who meet a certain financial need.  “The SSS’s goal is to help students persist, graduate, and transfer to a 4-year college. In doing so, we strive to serve at least 175 students a year,” said Director of SSS, Kenard Booker. The program not only serves as a tutoring and transferring center, but also provides students with personal counseling, academic advisement, social and cultural events and financial planning.

                Each year The Department of Education reviews each program and ensures they are meeting the necessary objectives  In the latest review, Connors State College exceeded all of the objectives and goals that were set forth for them. CSC is one of the few programs to exceed all objectives that were set forth by the Department of Education. First, over 70% of all SSS participants projected from the end of one academic year to the beginning of the next, graduated and/or transferred from a two-year college to a four-year university. Second, more than 80% of all enrolled participants served by SSS maintained good academic standing, and last Connors State College SSS exceeded the objective to graduate at least 30% of their participants. All of these objectives were met with over 200 active students.

                In addition to the objectives established each year by the Department of Education, new goals are also set internally by program leaders.  “One of our primary goals is to graduate and transfer at least 50 students,” said Booker. “ It is important to exceed the set objectives because grant renewal is based upon the success and results of the program. With the goals in mind, the program continues to strive to reach the main objective, which is to help the students succeed.”

For questions or to see if you qualify for the program, contact Kenard Booker at 918-463-6398