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Welcome to the Communications and Fine Arts Division.


Our division includes courses in English, speech, humanities, journalism, music and art.  These classes not only support the General Education program degree requirements but are also basic courses for various communications and fine arts majors in the Arts and Letters Degree.


As a student at Connors, you will be enrolled in at least four courses in our division – English Composition 1113, English Composition 1213, and your choice of two courses for humanities credit.


The College Collegian newspaper and the Drama Department are both part of the Communications and Fine Arts Division.  The Collegian is published four times each during the
spring and fall semesters, and the Drama Department stages at least one production each semester.  The Kaleidoscope, an anthology of poetry and fiction, is a yearly publication that showcases the creative talents of Connors Students and employees.


Connors is very much a student-centered institution, and like all departments, we are extremely proud of our capable and devoted faculty.  We look forward to helping make your experience at Connors State College a rewarding and successful one.


Robin O’Quinn - Division Chairperson

Communications and Fine Arts