Message from the President

At Connors State College we refer to our mission building futures one at a time. From academics to athletics, financial aid to food service or campus activities to the President’s office, all of us strive to recognize that everyone at the college has their own goals, hopes and dreams. At Connors we realize that the key to our success is in helping our students’ faculty staff and supporters fulfill the promise of their potential.

We achieve this goal by setting rigorous academic, activity, social and civic standards. We support our goal by doing all we can to help individuals meet or exceed those standards as they achieve excellence. Our bottom line at Connors is to provide the best possible educational experience for our students and the community we serve. Our values of integrity, quality, learning, critical thought, community involvement, hard work and fun guide us as we design our courses, programs, activities and facilities to prepare our students to be competitive in a global market place.

Whether you are someone with a clear plan for your future, or someone looking for a direction, Connors is the place for you. If you are returning to college from the workforce to update your skills, learn something new, or maybe just looking for an educational experience to enrich your life, Connors is the place for you. Because we are committed to our mission to view and treat people as individuals, it doesn’t matter if you are full-time or part-time, traditional or non-traditional, on one of our campuses or at a distance; we’re ready to help you start achieving your success.

Welcome to Connors State College!