Front of Westbrook Library on the Connors State College Campus in Warner



Completed in 1985 and named for Connors’ thirteenth president, Carl O. Westbrook, the Westbrook Library Learning Center houses the Library, distance education classrooms, President’s Office and the Library Auditorium at the Warner Campus location.





Inside the CSC-NSUM Library on the Muskogee-West Campus



The CSC Muskogee Library can be found in the ICTC building on the Connors State College Port Campus located at 2501 North 41st Street East, Muskogee, OK.





Our Mission

The Westbrook Library Learning Center and CSC-NSUM Libraries provide instructional materials, information services and collections to support the curricula offered by Connors State College and to meet the informational and research needs of students, faculty, staff and administration. The Library also promotes the cultural, recreational, personal and professional development of the Connors State College community.


Our Philosophy of Service

The Westbrook Library Learning Center serves a diverse two-year college community. The staff respects and celebrates that diversity. We define our customer as any individual seeking information or knowledge. We assert that all library users are individuals who should be treated with courtesy and respect. Through our core services, we strive to support our users in their attainment of knowledge. Those core services include:

  • The maintenance of a collection of materials chosen for their quality, diversity, currency and relevance to the academic curriculum and the needs of the community;
  • The promotion of comprehensive and dynamic information services which support and enhance lifelong learning; and,
  • The provision of a comprehensive program of user instruction that promotes library research skills in conjunction with critical thinking skills.

We believe that all Library Learning Center users are entitled to:

  • Access to timely and accurate sources of information regardless of format or location;
  • Appropriate and knowledgeable assistance from the staff whether in the form of reference assistance, referral, user instruction or basic library orientation;
  • Clean, safe, attractive and reasonable quiet surroundings that foster an environment conducive to quiet study and academic scholarship; and,
  • Availability of fully functional equipment that allows them to complete their work.

State of the Library:

CSC Libraries State of Library 2013_2014


Contact Information:

Warner Campus Library CSC Muskogee LIBRARY
Phone: (918)463-6210 (918)684-5408
Fax: (918)463-6314 (918)684-5455
Mailing Address: 700 College Road
Warner, OK 74469
 2501 North 41st Street East Muskogee, OK 74403