Connors Got Talent!

Talent gushed off stage at the Connors Got Talent competition at 7 p.m. November 15 at the Roxy Theatre. The contestants were divided up into three categories, non-vocal soloist, bands, and vocal soloist.

Lyndsey Sharp, Coordinator of Student Life was very excited about the competition.

“Everyone at the auditions was very talented, so I feel sorry for the judges. I was shocked we had that much talent,” Sharp said before the contest.

Judges were Director of Muskogee Campus, Rhonda Strode and CSC alumni, Vesta Burkett, and the audience.  

 “Performers had a lot of courage to just get in front of the crowd. Some of them gave everything they had and those were our favorites,” said Strode and Burkett.

“There were so many different acts and people. I like that we gave them the opportunity to show their talents. And that’s what we’re all about here,” Dr. Faltyn, President of Connors State College said.

“Each act brings something new to the table,” said Sharp.

In the non-vocal soloist category Eileen Thomas, 1st place, signed to the song “Oh Holy Night, and Sunny King, 2nd place, danced to “Hold It Against Me.” Guitarist, Dexter Coleman, comedian, Harley Davis and pianist, Cody Richardson also performed in the non-vocal soloist division.

“God knew I needed it. It’ll help pay for my classes,” said Thomas about her $100 prize.

In the bands category, The Beautiful Side with Michael Mouser, Harley Groves, and “G”, won 1st place with their original song “Na, Na, Nah.”  In 2nd place were Tell Runyan and Chance Billups playing “Wagon Wheel,” and Burden of Blood performed their original song “Fire Garden.”

The Beautiful Side said that for them it wasn’t about the money, but the experience. They also said that they felt like “a mess,” as they jumped around on stage and played “Na, Na, Nah.”

Runyan and Billup said they felt good and confident. They also said that they picked “Wagon Wheel” because they felt it was a song that everyone could relate to.

In the vocal soloist category, Shea Bellis, 1st place, sang “You and I,” Cody Richardson, 2nd Place, sang “Imagine,” and Kasandra Johnson, 3rd place, sang “Why Don’t You Stay.” Daniel Brown sang a gospel song “I Give Myself Away,” Tara Gilbert sang A cappello, “I Need Thee Every Hour,” and Colten Fitzgerald sang “Desparado.”

“I made a promise to myself to leave it all on stage and I think I did just that,” said Bellis.

Johnson said that she was more nervous at the auditions than she was before the performance. She said, “I wanted to do it last year, but I was on vacation. Since next semester is my last semester, I knew that this might be my shot.”

Both judges and people involved in putting on the event were “wowed” by the amount of talent and courage the contestants had. Intermission entertainment was provided by Straight and Narrow. Sound was managed by Susan Bryant and Harley Graves. Lights were controlled by Dillon Bigby and Tatyanna Sturdy. Emcees were Matilda Birdtail and Kristina Bautista


Congratulations to the CGT winners!


Non-Vocal Category

1st Eileen Thomas

2nd Sunny King


Band Category

1st The Beautiful Side

2nd Tell & Chance


Solo Category

1st Shea Bellis

2nd Cody Richardson

3rd Kassandra Johnson


A big thanks to everyone that helped, came and participated!