CSC Receives $50K Grant for Summer Gear-Up Program

Connors State College is one of only two institutions to be the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Gear-Up summer program. This program is geared for public high school students under the direction of CSC Biology Instructor, Dr. Stuart Woods.The camps will be offered June 10-15 and June 17-22 which will have 40-42 students each week. The camps activities include wildlife research, ornithology, herpetology, entomology, fisheries, archery, compass/orienteering, endangered species research, dissection and much more. For more information on this camp, contact Dr. Stuart Woods at (918) 684-5475. Find out today how your school can participate!


Connors also focuses on Wildlife Education….

A campus farm since 1912, two ranches with other 1600 acres, and a passionate wildlife professor with over 20 years of experience is ideal credentials for an institution to become a regional leader is wildlife education and that is just what Connors State College wants to do. “We have assets other institutions do not. Our Agriculture programs are ‘second to none’ and our science faculty and partnerships are professional and diverse,” said science faculty member, Dr. Stuart Woods. The program can utilize the South Ranch, which offers wetland areas, endangered species, lakes, livestock, a vast variety of wildlife, different soil types and diverse plant and animal species. This opportunity can also be used for CSC to become a frontrunner in Undergraduate research, especially among two-year colleges. The expansion of the wetlands is one of the first projects to get this goal off the ground. The project is a joint venture with CSC, NRCS and USF and Wildlife. “We are developing the wetlands for more waterfowl populations, census, food preferences, Hydroponic soils and Hydrdophillic plants, which provide nutrition and nesting cover for the waterfowl and other animals, insects, birds etc,” said Dr. Woods.
Connors will offer an associate of science degree with an emphasis in wildlife starting in the fall of 2012. Classes will include hands on research components for students and with all of the availability to the different aspects of wildlife students will be exposed to lots of practical experience.

Dr. Stuart Woods is pictured here with current CSC students and biology faculty member Greg Broussard