Mr. and Ms.Connors Selected

Honors night at Connors State College is an evening that is dedicated for faculty to recognize outstanding academic achievement in the areas of Business, Agriculture, English Composition, World Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, and Science. The LLC Auditorium was packed with over 150 students, parents, friends and faculty as over 30 students were received awards. The event also recognized members of the CSC Academic Team, Student Government, Presidents Leadership Class and Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges. The ceremony wrapped up with the announcement of Mr. and Ms. Connors presented by the President of the College, Dr. Tim Faltyn. This year’s award went to Lee Stewart, Mr. Connors and Stephanie Anderson, Ms. Connors. These two individuals were the 56th recipients of this award. The tradition of Mr./Ms. Connors had its origins in yearbook royalty dating back to 1952 when both a male and female student were declared Con-Rah Queen and King (prior to ’52 there were only Queens). The King and Queen in 1952 were Harold Woodward and Wynema McGuire. From 1954 to ’64 the honored students were called “Joe College” and Betty “Co-ed”.  The names Mr. & Miss. Connors came into being in 1966 with Larry Steward and Leona Barnett. In the 1970’s the Miss became Ms.

 Honors night award recipients included:

 English Composition:  Maxx McReynolds, Melinda Busch, Trey Stach, Allison Mitchell, Lacey DeCou, Justin Hendrix, Charity Pearce, Kelvin Gomez, Adam Frelekin

 World Literature:  Adam Frelekin, Justin Hendrix, Trenton White, Sarah Girty

 Journalism:  Kayla Kamp

 Psychology:  Jessica Monks, Kaila Crawford 

 Anatomy and Physiology I:  Melinda Busch        Anatomy and Physiology II:  Melinda Busch

 College Algebra:  Melinda Busch, Stanley Wilkinson, Paige Morse, Hutch Anderson, Morgan Boley, Lindsey Burk, Clay Carlson

 Economics: Emma Wilbourn, Michael Randolph     Accounting: Danny Scott, Michael Randolph

 Business Graduate: Kasandra Johnson, Trenton White        Business:  Colby Brown

 Agriculture Economics:  Jordan Richburg, Gavin Wisecarver

 Plant Science: William Greuel         Soil Science:  Debra Neumeyer

 Agriculture Leadership:  Dusty Hayes          Agriculture Communications:  Gavin Wisecarver

 Physics I:  Stephanie Anderson         Physics II:  Kasey Elerick

Environmental Science:Laine Martin    Human Anatomy :Davaun Bevins

Human Physiology:Patricia Gilliland  General Zoology:Clay Carlson   General Botany: Michael Carroll

Student Government Association President:  Lee Stewart

Student Government Association Vice-President:  Tell Runyan

CSC Academic Team: Kayley Lewis, Stephanie Anderson, James Stone, Scarlet Rock, Glynna Drew, Patricia Gilliland, Jessica Monks

Presidents Leadership Class: Kristina Bautista, Taylor Johnson, Skye Norwood, Lee Stewart, Taylor Toon, Bradley Womack

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Stephanie Anderson, Holly Brown, Susan Bryant, Marie Cameron, Ramiro Chavarria, Kasey Elerick, Olivia Foster, Adam Frelekin, Patricia Gilliland, Alyssa Harmon, Lynne Harry, Justin Hendrix, Kasandra Johnson, Monica Jones, Britanee Miller, Jessica Miller, Debra Neumeyer, Maggie Mattox,  Michael Randolph, Melanie Rivas Ovalle, Melinda Shatto, Adam Smith, Lee Stewart, Jennifer Stirlen, Jeffery Sweeten, Derek Williams


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