Strategic Plan

At Connors State College we are committed to strategic planning and are privileged to share the latest updates, including our mission, vision and values.  We value our students, faculty, staff and community and seek to provide meaning to all we come in contact with.  By working as a team we are able to improve the lives of those we serve. 
Connors State College is committed to building futures one at a time by providing quality learning, service and leadership experiences designed to promote excellence in a global society.
Recognized for setting a standard of excellence in providing quality learning opportunities, Connors State College is a national leader in quality transfer and workforce, and community education.
Integrity – Connors State views integrity as the foundation for individual, social and organizational success.

Quality – Connors State is committed to providing quality in everything we do.

Service – Connors State is committed serving the needs of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, community, state and nation.

Diversity – Connors State values diversity and promotes a culture of inclusiveness.

Excellence – Connors State strives to provide individuals with the resources and skills necessary to achieve excellence.


Strategic Planning Process Goals

Student Learning
The Student Learning Goal focuses on excellence in the teaching and learning process and encompasses every aspect of students’ experience at Connors State College.
Graduate Production
Graduate Production’s goal is to foster a cooperative relationship between students, faculty and staff by offering a student centered environment with qualified, comprehensive instruction, retention, and interpersonal skill development and accountability from which students emerge with a degree from Connors State College to become life-long learners.
Faculty/Staff Development
The purpose of Connors State College Faculty/Staff Professional Development Program is to identify and advocate the use of learning support systems that are aligned with the College’s Strategic Plan, which support the expansion of Professional, Organizational, and Instructional excellence of its Faculty and Staff team.
Resource Development
The Financial Resources Committee is dedicated to strengthening, expanding and growing financial opportunities to secure the continued financial strength of Connors State College.
Facilities Improvement
Develop and communicate an efficient process for improvement, maintenance and development of current and future Connors State College facilities.
Community Engagement/Economic Development
The goal of the Connors State College Community Engagement and Economic Development Committee is to foster regional stewardship through effective communication and engagement in mutually beneficial economic and community development efforts.
Efficiency and Modernization
The goal of the Efficiency and Modernization Committee is to establish and maintain an innovative, cutting-edge educational experience by creating an environment that is both optimally conducive to learning and efficient to operate.